Julia Lipnitskaya showed her free program at Finlandia Trophy

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After what I’ve seen in the short program it was obvious that we can’t expect a lot from Julia’s free program. She definitely not in shape and lacks strengths for the free. They made her jumping content easier but it didn’t help to have a clean skate. But the program left good impression.


This program is more in usual for Julia style, this choreo is more comfortable for her and that’s noticeable. But she need to add some more speed and power into her skating. She seems slower than usual and not involved enough into the music. Of course it’s all because of her current shape, she needs to work in gym, work on her stamina. Because this slowness and strengthless at the end of the program can affect badly her components scores.

Actually I’m not optimistic about her chances at GP-events and even about her chances to get a spot in Russian National team. Her body has changed a lot and neither her jumping tech nor their height have been good enough to survive puberty easily. She definitely need more time but the question is whether she has it with such competition in the National team.

See Julia Lipnitskaya’s short program at Finlandia Trophy 2015 here. 

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