Julia Lipnitskaya started the season

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Julia Lipnitskaya has started the season at Finlandia Trophy. After disappointed previous season and missing the National team all Julia fans were hoping that she dealt with all her problems and “old” Julia is back. The news that both her programs were choreographed by Marina Zueva also added intrigue and excitement. At the Russian test skate Julia’s short program looked really promising.


What can I say? I know that a lot of fans hate the word “puberty”, but it’s exactly what happening with Lipnitskaya. Her body proportions are changing and it’s difficult to get used to new body, to adjust jumping technique. Julia looks a bit slow, her jumps are not secure and she looks tired in the end, so I worry about her free program.

I like the idea for the program and an attempt to show new Julia, to bring some new shades into her skating. But such program you need to skate with fire, emotionally and playfully. All of this is not really about Julia, she is more of a lyrical type of skater. But it only adds some intrigue, whether she can manage to skate something really new for her. Yes, it’s a challenge. But right now her shape is far away from needed, so it’s difficult to asses the program completely. She also need to work on the presentation, now she doesn’t sell the program. But the most important for Lipnitskaya is to get her consistency back.

I liked a lot Julia’s new hairdo, totally in style of the program! But I’m not so sure about the dress.

See also the short dances of Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje and Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker at Finlandia Trophy 2015.

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