“We need to know what the guys think about it. They are unlikely to tell frankly, but I’ll be able to understand moods.” Tarasova intends to have a meeting with Russian skaters about changing sports citizenship

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Tatiana Tarasova intends to hold a meeting with Russian skaters on the topic of their possible transition to other national teams.

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Tatiana Tarasova: If now the topic of changing sports citizenship of Smolkin and Davis is being promoted, then the skaters, who had not previously considered the same possibility, will think about not sitting idle for a year.

Now I have no idea what is really happening, I’m just speculating, but next week I will go to Novogorsk, where I would like to hold a meeting with our skaters, to express my opinion on this matter.

We need to know what the guys think on this issue. Davis and Smolkin are a good pair, but you need to understand what the guys who are closer to the first place think.

Of course, they are unlikely to tell frankly about everything, but I will be able to understand their moods.


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