“You have to look for shit in yourself, not in others” Tarasova and others on Trusova’s words about the Olympics

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Recent interview with Alexandra Trusova caused a strong reaction among Russian coaches and people related to figure skating. Especially her words about medal she as she thinks deserved. Here are some comments.

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Tatiana Tarasova: This is her opinion. Was there at least one judge who put her in first place? No. Probably, resentment speaks in Sasha now. But you have to blame yourself for everything.

I think Sasha’s program is made for many years to come. She is incomparable to anyone. If she had skated cleanly, the gold would have really be hers.

And if Sasha doesn’t skate clean, then there is no sense to talk about something and be offended. You have to look for shit in yourself, not in others, as my dad used to say.

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Inna Goncharenko: You don’t shake your fist when the fight is over. Most of the athletes who go to the Olympics, they are claiming gold medal.

Alexandra Trusova is a great figure skater who has wonderful achievements, but the result is what it is. Well done for wanting to win, a real leader!

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Tatiana Mishina: If Alexandra thinks so, then she highly appreciates herself – this is a good quality for an athlete. She has the right to think so, but I think that the results are objective.

You need to win not only with jumps, but with both programs and skating. Shcherbakova won worthy, she showed and proved everything with her will.

source: Metaratings

Natalia Bestemianova: I’m not interested in what Trusova says. I have my goals and plans.

The Olympics have passed, the results have shown everything.

source: sport24.ru

World champion Maria Butyrskaya: No wonder that there are two programs in figure skating. Olympic champions are those athletes who skated perfectly both the short and free programs. Sasha deserves the best words and praise. She did something unique in the free program that will go down in history.

But Sasha should not hit the roof. Someone has a gold medal, and someone will remain a unique person of his kind. This is sport. Sasha took risks in the short program, trying to do a triple axel. It was necessary to skate clean.

source: sport-express.ru

Yana Rudkovskaya: For me, for our team, for many fans from all over the world and for those people with whom I communicate, Sasha Trusova won this Olympics.

source: sport-express.ru


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One response to ““You have to look for shit in yourself, not in others” Tarasova and others on Trusova’s words about the Olympics”

  1. Veronica says:

    Nope Yana! Annie won the Olympic Gold. Fair and square!

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