Misha GE will miss the GP event in France

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Another sad news about withdrawal from ISU Grand-prix event. Misha Ge won’t participate at Trophée Eric Bompard 2015 because of visa problems.

Here are how Misha explains the situation:

In shortly said about my case is like this right now :
I have 3 weeks, need to get done 3 visas, for 3 back to back competition.
*in order : Sofia(SeniorB), Beijing (GP), Bordeaux (GP).
You’ll say – why you can’t start earlier?
A: because just got the invitations letters ( and still only two of them ).
Why can’t chose competition that not that close ?
A: Sorry GP is not picked by me it, i receive it this way, and Sofia it was planned long ago, but competition dates were changed from Dec to Oct.

According to Misha’s TwitLonger he tried to get an appointment to French Consulate but they had only one spot, but Misha needes two for him and his coach. The new avaloable date was Oct 5th but if he take 5th, it won’t be possible to finish two other visas.

Couple days ago i had received an email from French consulate (Thanks to French Skating Federation contact with them), that they can give us an appointment for Oct 9th to apply for a visa, but here the problem: that since last time they unable to process both of ours visas cause appointment issues we must to apply for next 2 countries visas, for Bulgaria and China (which competition is before France GP). So shortly said we can’t apply for French Consulate appointment on 9th Oct. cause our passports still in Bulgarian Consulate, and what French consulate told me is “We can give you appointment on Oct. 9th, other dates are full” so basically no other option.

So, unfortunatly Misha Ge was ought to withdraw from the Grand-prix event in France:

So have to say sorry, but seems French GP will be unable to make it because of visas.
(We tried what we can, but there many things that not in our control) – Misha said.

It’s really sad news for the audience too, because Misha is a joy to watch and he had all chances to make the competition brighter.

Lets take a look who can replace Ge in France. The list of substitute:

Michael Christian MARTINEZ (had GP in China)
Ivan RIGHINI (GP in Russia)
Jin Seo KIM (GP in Canada)
Gordei GORSHKOV (no GP)
June Hyoung LEE (GP in Canada)
Alexander MAJOROV (GP in Russia)

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