Sofia Samodurova: “Summing up my career, it was successful. I couldn’t dream about becoming European champion even in the season when it happened. I was lucky.”

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European Champion 2019 Sofia Samodurova about the decision to end her sports career, how she came to it, what she experienced, and also about her emotions from Kamila Valieva’s performance at the Beijing Olympics.



Sofia Samodurova: I’m already done with my career. Now I’m training at the Alexei Nikolayevich coaching staff, in our group. In May there will be a try-out for kids at the master class, I will take some young skaters.

Was it difficult to make such a decision?

Sofia Samodurova: No, absolutely calm. I thought there would be some kind of apathy. But… Generally easy. I like to coach. There are children, there is material you can work with. I already see results. Coaches also see this in our coaching staff. The decision was made about a month ago. I’ve been training for a month now.

How did it happen?

Sofia Samodurova: I talked with Alexei Nikolaevich (Mishin). I told him that I wanted to retire. I wanted to leave to live in Kazakhstan. I have parents and family there. Alexei Nikolaevich said: “No.” He said that I should share my knowledge. In general, his opinion is that I should stay in St. Petersburg. So, most likely, next season you can see me behind the boards.

Do you train Liza Tuktamysheva?

Sofia Samodurova: Ha ha, no. I coach our small group. 10-11 years old. Recently a boy has come, he is only 7 years old. In general, I love children, it is easy for me to find an approach to each child. For me, this is the easiest.

How would you sum up your career? Could little Sonia Samodurova dream of becoming a European champion?

Sofia Samodurova: She could not! I couldn’t dream about it even in the season when it happened. I was lucky, let’s just say. Of course, I can say that my career has been successful. The European champion is also some kind of work.

Let me ask you one question, not about you. What can you say about the last Olympics?

Sofia Samodurova: It’s a pity that such a burden fell on Kamila. Poor child. Everyone cried with her. And so do I.


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