Mark Kondratiuk: “Sport is not medals and titles. Sport is emotions, feelings and endless pleasure to do what you love the most.”

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Mark Kondratiuk shared his emotions after his performance at the Beijing Olympics, where he won gold in the team event.

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Mark Kondratiuk: There are still a lot of things I need to go through, think about, in order to fully reallize that it all really happened! I will keep posting something, tell, think about the Olympic Games, but the most important thing has already firmly stuck in my head.

Sport is not medals and titles. Sport is emotions, feelings and endless pleasure to do what you love the most. No matter how it ends, no one will ever take my impressions and my personal happiness to become a part of the great Olympic history!

Thanks to my family, my coaches, my friends and many other people who raised me and brought me to the coveted ice in Beijing! We have traveled this path together! It remains only to continue to work, because life does not end there.

Thank you so much to my fans and everyone who watched figure skating and supported the athletes! It’s very nice and I’m grateful to you.


Also Mark Kondratiuk told about the work on quintuple jumps, and shared his emotions from communicating with the Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu.

You started trying quintuple jumps, you didn’t succeed yet, how do you work on them?

Mark Kondratiuk: They still don’t work out very well, I decided to try, because this is the development of figure skating.

Describe the Olympics in five words.

Mark Kondratiuk: Interesting, unusual experience, happiness to be there. Seven, but it’s ok.

Was there a lot of psychological pressure?

Mark Kondratiuk: Everything is all right, all is well.

Jump with five rotations, how soon can it happen, your bets, your predictions?

Mark Kondratiuk: I’m not sure that it will ever work for me.

Have you talked to Hanyu?

Mark Kondratiuk: He is my favorite skater, and it was just nice to be on the same ice with him and, even if for a few minutes, but talk. He’s a very pleasant person.

Are you looking up to him now?

Mark Kondratiuk: Yes.

Who else?

Mark Kondratiuk: He is probably the main one I look up to.

Valieva had an unpleasant situation, did you all support her together?

Mark Kondratiuk: No comment.



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