“Imagine what a safety margin Valieva has, even with a mistake on the triple axel, she became the first – it’s amazing.” Russian specialist about women’s short program at the Olympics

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Russian coaches and specialists about performance of Russian girls in the short program at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2022.

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Natalia Bestemianova: I believe that Kamila did not skate the way she can. Of course, this whole situation (with the doping case) had an effect on her, but she is a fighter, just a fighter.

Even though there was a mistake on the triple axel, she didn’t fall, she didn’t get a deduction. She saved the combination, because the take off on the lutz, of course, was not very good, but she did it. She scored so many points for her luxurious spins.

Imagine what a safety margin Valieva has, even with a mistake on the triple axel, she became the first – it’s amazing. Although, of course, I understand that it was very difficult for her to skate – the combination, there was also a step-out on the triple axel, but she is a fighter.

Trusova takes risks, falls on the triple axel, but goes for it, which deserves respect. Shcherbakova also skated luxuriously, very happy for her. Sakamoto skated beautifully and could have been second, but Shcherbakova was also good, so of course everything is fair.

source: matchtv.ru, tass.ru

Inna Goncharenko: I am impressed by the short program, everything is very nervous. The girls are great, they have very good scores before the free program. Almost every one of our girls has a chance to compete for the first place.

Kamila – well done! Probably everyone have cried with her. You can see how difficult it is for her, such a psychological burden … She made a small mistake on the axel, but did not fall, and then everything was fine.

Anya Shcherbakova is simply magnificent – as they say, she performed in one breath. After her, it seems to me that the Japanese athlete (Kaori Sakamoto) was also inspired and skated well. There will be a very interesting fight in the free program. We will root for our girls and wish them, of course, victory.

I think the Japanese women will not be able to impose anything on our girls, but they will fight. We see that they have come to the Olympics in good shape, they are ready to fight, but our ultra-c girls will not give anyone a chance to impose someone else’s game.

source: tass.ru

Ilia Averbukh: I would like to congratulate our girls. Everyone was worried today.

Of the 30 girls, only Anya Shcherbakova skated unmistakably – at the same time, we did not see the lutz-loop combination, that we got used to. Anya looked amazing.

source: championat.com

Tatiana Tarasova: Kamila did it! All our girls are great. They try their best! We have first, second and fourth places after the short program. What can I say, it’s just wonderful!

Yes, Kamila made a mistake today. There is nothing terrible! I saw her tears. She coped after so many nerves, did everything. She is a brilliant girl.

source: championat.com

And finally comment from our favorite expert, Sambo 70 president Renat Laishev

Renat Laishev: Great, well done our girls! Everyone was worried about this story that have been unfoldung around them. But this only added to their popularity. Negative PR is also PR. When the arena stood up after Valieva’s performance, it became clear – the whole world empathizes her!

In this whole situation, Sasha Trusova, Kamila Valieva and Anya Shcherbakova are just heroines! Once we rejoiced even the medalists at the European Championships, but now we expect only the first place at the Olympics.

source: championat.com


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