“Finally justice has prevailed! You can feed tons of this drug to competitors from other countries, but they will not jump quads.” Russian specialists on the decision of CAS to allow Kamila Valieva to compete at the Olympics

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Russian coaches and specialists commented on the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to allow the Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva to the individual competitions of the 2022 Olympics.

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Director-General of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) Alexander Kogan: First of all, it must be said: yes, indeed, quite a serious psychological test, pressure, load have have befallen the girl, one of the most striking phenomena in recent times in figure skating.

She didn’t know what was going on until the last minute. We are pleased with this decision of CAS, grateful for a fair decision in which common sense prevailed.

Will we keep the gold medals for the team event? I have no questions in this case – everything will be fine. Gold medals for the team event will not go anywhere from the Russian team.

The field session of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) considered only the issue of admitting Valieva to individual competitions. Decisions to change the results of the team event and the guilt of the figure skater have not yet been made.

source: tass.ru, championat.com

President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) Alexander Gorshkov: The only thing that can be said here is that common sense and justice have triumphed.

How long will the whole process take? This is a legal issue, we don’t know yet. The main thing is that she is allowed.

source: rsport.ria.ru

Tatiana Tarasova commented on the decision of the IOC Executive Committee not to hold the award ceremony of the 2022 Olympics team event due to a positive doping test of Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva.

The awards ceremony in the women’s individual competitions will not take place if Valieva wins a medal.

Tatiana Tarasova: Stupid decision.

They didn’t even think about what they wrote. Well, there will be no awards, but they will give the medal and we will have places.

source: rsport.ria.ru

Alexei Mishisn: Justice has triumphed. Kamila Valieva will be able to perform as powerfully as usual, despite the negative background.

source: tass.ru

Natalia Bestemianova: I believed that everything would end well. If a large number of people send energy into space, to God, then it works. Therefore, I did not allow any other thoughts, except that the decision would be in favor of Kamila.

I really hope that she will be able to pull herself together and skate properly, especially since a positive decision was made. Of course, she will be helped by the coaching staff, the whole team, and all of us, albeit from afar. We will send positive energy not only from Russia, but from all over the world, because Kamila is adored everywhere.

Will these few days under pressure affect Kamila? I do not know. I hope that she is a very strong athlete. The fact is that she is only 15 years old, and I hope that, due to her youth, she will not take it as seriously as a more adult person could. I believe that it will only temper her. In any case, what is happening now, contributes to her popularity.

If earlier the whole world of figure skating knew about her, now every person on the planet who is at least a little interested in sports knows who Kamila Valieva is. Bad PR is also PR, we will treat it like that, although what happened to our wonderful girl is disgusting.

source: Metaratings, gazeta.ru

Inna Goncharenko: This was a serious stress not only for Kamila, but also for all normal, caring people. The whole country, like the majority of those who are interested in sports, were worried about her. I hope this story will make her stronger, mentally stronger.

Now we can only rejoice that she will perform, we will see her magical figure skating. There are unique people who belong not only to our country, but to the entire globe, and such stories should not overshadow the fate of such people.

From the very beginning of this story, I had a feeling of some kind of unreality that all this is happening, that this simply cannot be. It seemed that this situation was far-fetched. Of course, I believed that everything would be fine. I think that the guilty will be found and they will be punished.

She simply has to perform very well, for herself, in order to become only stronger, because she is an athlete – and she must, in spite of everything, show the maximum of her abilities.

Of course, Sasha (Trusova) and Anya (Shcherbakova) were also worried, but they are athletes who must endure all these situations and give results.

source: Metaratings, tass.ru

Alexander Zhulin: Insanely happy! This is a diamond that needs to be kept. Kamila is a brilliant girl. I think that in one day Valieva will come to her senses and tear everyone apart.

I’m just delighted, finally justice has prevailed. We were left with the opportunity to enjoy the skating of the most brilliant figure skater of the last 200 years.

For some reason, it seems to me that she will cope, because she is from Kazan, and everyone there is so harsh.

source: tass.ru

Before that Zhulin posted on Instagram

Alexander Zhulin: I would like to express my thoughts on the situation with Kamila Valieva. In the entire history of figure skating, the world has never seen such a talent, or even a genius!

And now, when one could admire her phenomenal skating, we and the entire world community can lose this opportunity!

This is a monstrous injustice. After all, in order to perform four rotations in the air, and even with the grace of Maia Plisetskaya, no microtraces of any drug will ever help.

You can feed tons of this drug to competitors from other countries, but they will not jump quadruple jumps, as it is insanely difficult in terms of coordination.

It will be a great grief for me to watch in the next four years, and even at this Olympics, the well-fed and satisfied faces of the so-called WADA experts, who caught the poor girl with the “terrible” drug. A shame!

I think the next step of the genius agency WADA will be aspirin, followed by Coca-Cola and, of course, coffee. The next step is mountain air, which contributes to increased results.

An absolutely amazing institution of faight for fair sport, which very soon, thanks to WADA, will simply be of no interest to anyone. Welcome to the theater of the absurd! Very painful and disgusting.

Not so long ago, in the Broadway show Beauty and the Beast, the main role of the beauty was played by a dark-skinned 100-kilogram pretty girl who said: “Before, I would not have dreamed of playing the main character, but now in the right tolerant world I can do it . Not everything should go to the slender and beautiful … ” They follow this logic.

Kamila, forgive your parents for your natural beauty and talent, they did not expect you to participate in the celebration of insanity!

Thanks to everyone who read… With disrespect, Zhulin.

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Alexei Yagudin: Probably the best news of today. I’m extremely happy that she was allowed. She needs to forget about everything and just show her level.

What happens after the Olympics is not important right now. The less we talk about the ongoing investigation, the more we’ll help Kamila.

Let’s focus on figure skating

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