Mark Kondratiuk: “I don’t feel like a hero, I feel like part of a team. The man who did almost everything that was in his power for his team.”

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Russian figure skater Mark Kondratiuk told Match TV that he was very pleased and happy after skating a free program in the team event at the Beijing Olympics.

Mark Kondratiuk: I feel happiness. It was hard enough to skate, maybe I’m subconsciously saving my strength. Very satisfied. I think the fact that I had the honor to compete at the same Olympics four times is an opportunity that is given to very few. I have four attempts to really enjoy this atmosphere. Two have already passed, and I hope it will continue to be at least the same..

Do you satisfied with the result for the team?

Mark Kondratiuk: (Japanese) Yuma (Kagiyama) is a great and, of course, he will beat me. In general, scores are secondary, it’s not me who put them, but the judges. I did almost everything I could, almost the maximum. I’m happy that I managed not to let the team down.

You were diagnosed with Schlatter’s disease, you thought about leaving the sport, but did not leave. Are you happy with your decision now?

Mark Kondratiuk: Well, now I’m happy. Means yes.

For myself, I did not do everything I could. But for the team, I did almost everything that was in my power. But more… Unfortunately, I can’t compete with Shoma Uno, Nathan Chen yet, when they skate on maximum. But I will work to at least get closer to their level.

Of course, I feel like I’m part of the best team in this event. How could it be otherwise. So far, Kamila and I haven’t talked yet. But she praised me, said that I was doing well.


Mark Kondratiuk: How many Olympics do I want to go to? I hope I can talk to you in Milan.
On the first day of team event, I was sitting in our box. Today, I also supported Kamila. I’m happy that I’m in such a team – perhaps the best in the world. Of course, I’m worried about the other guys, I’m nervous. And what about Kamila … Honestly, you don’t really worry when she skates.

If Nathan Chen had skated, would the result have been different? I haven’t seen his skate. Yuma Kagiyama overskated me, yes, he skated beautifully. But if Nathan skated, probably everything would be different.

Combination at the end? I made an euler, if I had done a triple one, I would have skated into the board, so I waited and made a double one. A triple would be a risk. This is the only thing that did not work out of the jumps. Not from jumps – I “walked” at the end of the program. Perhaps I was subconsciously saving energy.

I try not to think that I’m European champion. I’m the same Mark as I was a month ago, as I was a year ago. And here I tried not to think about the fact that this is the Olympics. It’s just morally easier when you think that it’s a usual event.

I don’t feel like a hero, I feel like part of a team. The man who managed, did almost the maximum.

I’m sincerely grateful that I had the opportunity to skate in the team event. And most importantly, I have a chance to experience Olympic emotions not twice, but four times. Some may say that it is difficult to skate a lot. On the contrary, I’m happy. I don’t know how much this will help me personally. It’s my first time in this situation.



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