Choreographer Daniil Gleikhengauz and Alexander Kogan have tested positive for coronavirus. But still will fly to the Olympics.

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Choreographer Daniil Gleikhengauz and General Director of Russian Figure skating Federation Alexander Kogan have tested positive for coronavirus.


“Gleichengauz and Kogan were tested the day before, the result were positive. The disease is asymptomatic,” said in the FFKR said.

Kogan later told Match TV that everything was all right with the team. He also added that no one is immune from a false positive tests. “We should [fly with the team to the Olympics]. Everyone takes tests on a daily basis and, unfortunately, no one is safe even from false positive, as well as false negative, tests” he said.

FFKKR Press Attache Olga Ermolina also said that everything is all right in the national team. “Both Kogan and Gleikhengauz are fine. On February 1, everyone should fly to the Olympic Games.”


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