What do we know about Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Buking?

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Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Bukin was the only Russian ice dancers who managed to win a medal at European Championship. But we know almost nothing about them, they are not a regular guests for interviews. So, when I saw and interview with this young duo on the Russian sport portal The championship I thought that It may be interesting for skating fans to read something about Alexandra and Ivan. I translated some parts.

How Alexandra Stepanova got to ice dance

“I didn’t have such a career in singles. I’ve been doing singles till 11 years and then problems with jumps started. But I have always been artistic on the background of peers. All the coaches who worked at our rink in St. Petersburg, were saying that I have to try either ballet or ice dancing. ” – Akexandra said

What was Ivan’s first impression about Alexandra

She was small, delicate, fragile, beautiful little girl. Naturally, I immediately liked her.” – Ivan said

“I was standing near the board, and Vania arrives to me and said with such a serious tone of voice: “Hello, how are you?”. Like a real man, he took the first step.” – Alexandra added.

Alexandra also told that Ivan’s parents helped her a lot. She and her mother lived for some period of time in their quest house. I aslo like this impression about skating in a pair:

“Many former single skater, who moved into the dances, at first perceived the boy next to them as something uncommon. With me this wasn’t like that, a boy next to a girl – it’s normal, isn’t it?”

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After the loud break-ups of two Russian teams Ilinykh Katsalapov and Sinitsina Zhiganshin,  journalists ask almost all teams about break-ups. What can be a reason and whether is difficult to decide to make such move. Stepanova and Bukin were also asked about it. Alexandra shared her opinion:

“Fortunately, we haven’t thought about it. As for the breakups of other pairs I don’t think it happens by the click of your fingers. Usually, there have been problems for a long time. Athletes have to endure a lot. They and their coaches. It is unlikely that the duo could fall apart simply because of the fact that some of the partners can’t do the element and the second partner decided to look for someone better.”

Social media

“We do not read the forums, but when we watch videos of our performances in the social networks, we can see comments under them. We react to them quietly – we do not force anyone to cheer for us, and if people do not like something, they have every right to express it.” – Ivan Bukin said

I think it very wise and mature point of view. Good for them. Wish more athletes behave like that.

About Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron

In juniors Stepanova and Bukin beat the French team. So, they were asked how Gabriella and Guillaume managed to achieve such success.

“They have the same factor that we have – one hundred percent hit with the program. The strong element in the pair is a partner. Perhaps before their team was putting an emphasis on a girl in their dances, but then realized that their trump card is Guillaume, and the program began to play with new colors.” – it was Alexandra’s opinon

“And they worked a lot I think.” – Ivan added

stepanova bukin

Who was their idol in ice dancing

 “My father is a great example for me. Also I loved Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. Their harmony in the dance.” – Ivan Bukin said

“And I on the contrary, have always liked their main rivals, Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Sometimes in group we ask who likes whom more and the vast majority is always for Tessa & Scott, and I’m the only who prefer another duet. For me their style is closer. ” – Alexandra Stepenova said

I think it’s quite interesting that Alexandra prefers Davis and White. She like Meryl doesn’t have a lot of skills just from the nature but they both a hard working. So, I think it’s a way for their duo too. Maybe they can’t amazed the judges and the audience with their dancing and skating skills but they can amaze with lifts and difficult elements.

Dances for new season and Freddie Mercury music

“This is the idea of our coaches. I’m madly in love Freddie, I am delighted with his creativity and have offered his music for our dances many times. But at that time we were not ready for this music, and now finally we mature enough.” – Ivan said

The interview gave me the impression that Ivan is a only a visible leader of the pair but in reality Alexandra is a rod of their duo. She is calm and realistic about many things. That is good features in sports. That is why I think that they will use every chance that they get.

You can see new dances of Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin here: short dance and free dance.

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3 Responses to “What do we know about Alexandra Stepanova & Ivan Buking?”

  1. Judith D. Anderson says:

    Just saw a video that said Ivan is blind. His eyes looked like he was. Who would put that lie out there?

  2. Fernando says:

    Eles são casados ou namorados ?

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