Kamila Valieva’s first coach: “Women felt sorry for little girl tormented by the coach, but I forbade them to show pity, because it wasn’t helpful.”

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Kamila Valieva’s first coach Igor Liutikov about their work.

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source: Mikhail Sharov’s Instagram, sports.ru

Igor Liutikov: From childhood Kamila stood out from everyone with her hard work. I remember that in order to strengthen her weak feet, we had to go to the arena every morning and run for 30 minutes (at that time women were cleaning there and all the time they felt sorry for her – a little girl who was tormented by the coach, but I forbade them to show pity, because it was not helpful, but vice versa).

It was a great time of creativity and hard work. And the programs “The Swan” and “Quadrille” showed this. At the age of 8, she learned level 4 spins, and her step sequences were level 3. In four months, we managed to fully rotate all the jumps and learn the double axel, which we showed at the open championships of Moscow.

Kamila was my first student and practically the only one when I started working at Moskvich (sports club – ed.). And for me as a young coach our joint work helped to overcome the beginning of a difficult coaching career.


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