A scandal broke out in the Russian media because of Lambiel’s phrase about “the circus” and “clowns” about the European Championships. Some say it’s true, but Lambiel himself denies saying this.

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Stephane Lambiel about Deniss Vasiljevs bronze at the European Championships 2022.

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Stephane Lambiel: I don’t care about medals, I know that Deniss is a star! If all this (event) is a circus, then the rest here are clowns, and Denis is a real figure skater.

It was the first time he performed such a clean and powerful free program with a quadruple jump.

source: rsport.ria.ru

Stephane Lambiel: Deniss Vasiljevs is the best. And I don’t care about all these medals. He was incredible. The rest of the skaters can do their jumps, but figure skating is figure skating. Excuse me for this (for the violent reaction), but it’s true. I just trusted him and he did it.

source: matchtv.ru

Then Lambiel was asked about his words in the mixed zone and he denied saying that

Backstage, after Vasiljevs’s performance, you talked about some kind of “textbook”. That we have to stick to the rules. What did you mean?

Stephane Lambiel: There is no secret here, I was just happy with Deniss’ skating, because everything looked like from a textbook. Elements from the textbook which I would like to see in figure skating.

If you want to learn figure skate, you could see exactly what to do.

Colleagues also heard your phrase in the mixed zone: “If this is a circus, then Vasiljevs is a figure skater, and everyone else is clowns.” Can you explain it?

Stephane Lambiel: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

source: matchtv.ru


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