Is Igor Shpilband a wizard?

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Maybe Igor Shpilband haven’t finished Hogwarts but definetly attended some courses for wizards. Because I don’t know how to call his work with German pair Kavita Lorenz and Panagiotis Polizoakis if not magic.

You also can see an interwiev with Igor Shpilband:

This duo is not only a new one but made of almost to single skaters! Kavita Lorenz had some ice-dancing experience but a little one and Panagiotis just moved from singles. Watching their performances you definitely wouldn’t think about it! The almost have won the bronze at the Nebelhorn Trophy 2015!


I think it was one of the best short dances at Nebelhorn Trophy. Maybe not everything is good with levels and key-points on pattern but the mood of the waltz was delivered perfectly! I like the speed and the smooth skating. Very well done! I also liked a lot this navy blue dress, so tender and beautiful.

Their free dance is not something new and fresh in ice dances. Something similar we’ve seen from Hawayek and Baker in their last junior season. But when the dou is completely new I can’t demand some revelations of choreography. The main thing is that the dance suits them, it’s convenient for dancers and can be received well by the judges and public.

Watching Kavita and Panagiotis performing at Nebelhorn, taking into account that it’s their first season together, that it’s their firs competition together and they will definitely improve, the judges now will know them and give a bit better components scores…..If i were some ice dancers I would worry. And one more thing, they are new dou but managed to do lifts much more better than some experienced dancers)))

I would call this ice dancing team a discovery of Nebelhorn Trophy 2015!

Other ice-dancing duo impressed me a lot at this competition. But not in a good way. See what i think about Madison Chock dress for the short dance.


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