Evgeni Plushenko: “Everyone understands everything, everyone sees. The whole world cannot understand where such points for Shcherbakova come from.”

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Evgeni Plushenko about the competition between Anna Shcherbakova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva for a place in the team for European Championships.

photo by Dmitri Golubovich championat.com

I would like to know your opinion, whose skating did you like more – Shcherbakova or Tuktamysheva? Who, in your opinion, should go to the European Championships?

Evgeni Plushenko: Liza did two 3.5 axels – it was very difficult program. Anya skated without ultra-c. More precisely, she tried to do a quadruple flip, but it did not work out. There was also a mistake on the triple lutz – triple loop combination.

We all have seen everything and we all understand everything. Now I don’t comment at all and don’t give interviews, I haven’t talked to the press for eight months. Everyone understands everything, everyone sees. I would do a test skates for Anya and Liza and look who would really be in a good shape.

I watched Anya’s trainings, Anya was not in shape at all. She didn’t do a single quad at trainings. Maybe the federation will come up with something and make a test skates. I think it’s not sure, who will go as third number – Shcherbakova or Tuktamysheva.

source: youtube channel evgeniplushenkotsar

Evgeni Plushenko also shared his opinion on the judging at the Russian Nationals and responded to the statement of the president of “Sambo-70” Renat Laishev.

Laishev said that “Rudkovskaya’s husband was delighted” with the results, and the decision who is going to the Olympics Shcherbakova or Tuktamysheva was “not his business.”

Evgeni Plushenko: I haven’t given an interview for eight months, but here I will break the silence! Note, I didn’t touch anyone, didn’t attack anyone, they touch us again. I’m really glad that as a beginner coach with four years of experience with my athlete, as some say, a no name, Sonya Muravieva, who skated amazingly and made three triple axels, we beat the reigning world champion, who did not make a single ultra-c either in the short or in the free program. Who fell from a quad flip and also made a mistake on the combination, at the same time, having received 9.75 in components! Well, at least not 10 (laughs).

I’m glad that not only my coaching team beat her, but also Sofya Samodelkina with a triple axel and three quads, this is the coaching staff of Sergei Davydov. Anna also lost to Liza Tuktamysheva with two triple axels, that is, to the coaching staff of Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin. And even to Adelia Petrosyan with two quadruple loops from their own coaching staff. The whole world has lost count and cannot understand where such points come from.

If we now give points for titles, then Tuktamysheva has no less of them, as well as the desire to go to the Olympic Games. If everyone kept silent, this does not mean that everyone has swallowed it. I’m glad and look at him [Laishev] as a storyteller. Well, keep quiet at least here! Four girls beat the world champion. Four! Come on, as they say. With all due respect to Anya – to skate the content from four years ago and beat Samodelkina with three quads and a triple axel and a clean skating … (laughs) So tell Layshev that I’m happy, yes, he noticed it very correctly. Well done! Everyone understands everything, I think he also understands, as the main sambist-specialist in figure skating.

source: sport-express.ru


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12 Responses to “Evgeni Plushenko: “Everyone understands everything, everyone sees. The whole world cannot understand where such points for Shcherbakova come from.””

  1. John Abreu says:

    From hero to zero. Plushenko is as toxic as his frustrations as a mediocre coach are.

  2. Lina says:

    How can anyone argue pro Anna with other competitions results? It´s clear that it´s not the first time Anna get´s scores she didn´t deserve.

    And it´s certainly a Liza in best shape this season. She stepped up, Anna stepped down.
    Anna seems to have a lovely personality and there is nothing wrong in supporting her fan-wise.
    But if you look at Lizas textbook lutzes, clear edges, high, far and big jumps – and Annas flutzes, you have to wonder how she has managed to get better GOEs on those than Liza on hers in the past.
    There should be +1 and edge calls and underrotations for Anna and +3 or +4 for Liza: if people want to judge according to the rules.

    If it had been like that, past competition results might have looked much different too.
    And components wise?
    I agree that Liza is no Aliona, no Carolina Kostner etc. and a Muravieva has another connection to music.
    But: I totally don´t get that criticism of Lizas performance compared to Annas. Anna is rather pale: I have always been missing presence on the ice and connection to the audience.
    Liza learned that.

    A Loena Hendrickxs would/should have beaten Anna at least that day as a Kaori Sakamoto or Alyssa Liu and others. And I wish judges would judge what they see before fans turn their back on figure skating.

  3. Jacko Man says:

    Where did Trusova’s points comes from at last year’s Rostelecom? 3A fell, quads fell, fixing gloves? I dont know they give points for fixing gloves.

  4. Václav Sedláček says:

    Again, in what is Liza “head and shoulders” above Anna? Anna’s program is more difficult. Anna is much better skater. Anna always defeated Liza whether it was internationally or domestically. Zealous hate doesn’t change the basic facts.

  5. Carolina says:

    No question- Liza is head an shoulders above Anna. What is the problem? Why the judges are so “loyal” to 1 person and do pamper only 3 girls? Please, then be honst and do not say, all is correct. It is a betrayal. Disgusting.

  6. Asama says:

    I agree with plush, how could Anna beat Sofia who skated clean with 3axil and 3quads?? It’s just a joke.. I hope to see justice in scores.

  7. Pirkaf says:

    Everyone understands Plushenko is a clown.

  8. Václav Sedláček says:

    When Liza was a head and shoulders above Anna. She never ever defeated Anna domestically or internationally. Liza did not perform a single 3+3 combo at nationals, fell from the 3A in the short program, had a wobbly 3+2 combo then. Her base value of the free skate is 10 points lower than Anna’s with just one quad. Liza performed 3A+2T which BV is lower than Anna’s 3F+3T, her other combo was 2A+Eu+3S which is beaten by Anna’s 3F+Eu+3S and as the last one she had a sequence with 3Lz+2A which is a GOE killer, even Anna’s not perfect 3Lz+3Lo is above that. More than that Anna delivered all spins and stsq both in SP and the FS, while Liza lost levels (which she loses usually), Liza skates slowly and instead of transitions she fills her program with many choreo elements executed while staying, which naturally doesn’t help her components score.
    Anna is also a world champion and three time russian national champion, such titles are not found on the street, she excelled for three seasons. So, Liza is definitely not “head and shoulders” above Anna, she never was.

  9. Václav Sedláček says:

    Plushy once again proves he’s nothing but a yokel.

  10. Juliana says:

    Honestly I agree with everything he’s saying. People can go on and on about how he should stay quiet… this is 2021 why are we trying to silence very valid opinions. People shouldn’t be afraid to speak up because they are worried it may affect scores. If so then that’s a clear indication that there’s a problem with the judging system since it’s not based on skating.

  11. Veronica says:

    Evgeny needs to learn from Coach Mishin, not click the bait from “journalist” to start a turmoil. Coach Mishin don’t say a word or opinion from other skaters but his.

  12. J says:

    I have to agree that the Tutberidze politics help Anna get to the Europeans. It’s appalling what happened. Liza is head and shoulders above and Anna needs to be an alternate.

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