Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin: “Yes, we have a pull. We have famous parents, we have a pull.”

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Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin commented on their performance in rhythm dance at the Russian Nationals 2022. The duo also commented on the talks about being overscored at Warsaw Cup-2021 and assessed the chances of getting to the Olympic Games 2022.

photo by sport24.ru

They scored 83.99 points and placed 3d after the rhythm dance

Gleb Smolkin: Great feelings, I was happy to skate first. I like it – you’ve warmed up and you go to skate. But actually there’s no difference at all. The task was to show what we can. It seems that we succeeded.

Eteri Georgievna followed how we skated on a six-minute warm-up? We’re not interested at all. There were so many people watching … My parents were also sitting somewhere in the stands. We focus on each other, and that’s the only thing that matters.

There was a lot of talk about your scores in Warsaw. Surprised by the result?

Gleb Smolkin: Oh sure. After a short dance, it was clear that everyone was judged quite generously. But I don’t remember how much we got here. This is not quite interesting for us. You may consider this as slyness or something else. The scores don’t matter. This is absolutely true. We train with a coach who says every day that if you don’t train, it will not translate in the better scores.

You said you were thinking about the next Olympic cycle. At the same time, you already have very good results. Do you feel that you are ready to compete for the spot to Beijing Olympics right now?

Gleb Smolkin: We feel that we are ready to compete. Whether it’s an Olympic spot or not, it doesn’t matter. We will fight, we are ready to compete. The main thing is that we try to show the maximum.

Can I ask Diana a question? Recently, an interview with your mother, Eteri Tutberidze, was published, which also spoke about you.
(Diana smiled, but Gleb took the word.)

Gleb Smolkin: We watched with Diana, yes. Yesterday, when we’re coming from the draw. There were famous St. Petersburg traffic jams…

Did you like it?

Gleb Smolkin: Oh sure.

Do you read what they write about you?

Gleb Smolkin: We don’t read. There is no time or energy. I would like to give energy there (points to the ice).

They write that you have a pull

Gleb Smolkin: Yes, we have a pull. We have famous parents, we have a pull.

source: matchtv.ru and sport24.ru


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One response to “Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin: “Yes, we have a pull. We have famous parents, we have a pull.””

  1. Simona Bala says:

    I really cannot believe what I see and read. I followed their competitions and could not believe the scores and how they depassed so many good skaters. How many judges can sustain this team? Sometimes they were so slow on ice, no connection between them, no exceptionally skills. And such arrogance, especially the boy…It is a shame for the sport and for the incredibily effort the other skaters put in training…

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