Alexandra Trusova: “I’m recovering, I’m already training. The most important now is to prepare well for the Russian Nationals”

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Alexandra Trusova in short interview to morning show on Channel One told that she’s preparing for the Russian Nationals, told about motivation and hobby.

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source: Channel One, text version

What is the most important for you now?

Alexandra Trusova: Of course, it’s to prepare well for the Russian Nationals.

Are you recovering from an injury now?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, I’m recovering, I’m already training.

Apparently, everything is fine?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes.

How to motivate yourself for success?

Alexandra Trusova: I really love to skate, so it’s not difficult for me to go on the ice, to train a lot. I try to do my work, my maximum, and then the judges decide.

Do you still have time for something else?

Alexandra Trusova: I do a lot of things. I have a big family, a lot of dogs, a lot of brothers. I often go out with them on weekends, mostly in laser tag, because they are boys.

Don’t you play hockey?

Alexandra Trusova: When there was time, I played it before.

Why did your parents bring you to the ice, or was it your desire?

Alexandra Trusova: I had roller skates when I was 4 years old, I really liked it, and they decided to try it.

At what point did you realize that you would be a professional athlete?

Alexandra Trusova: After the Olympics in 2014. I watched it, I really liked it, and I decided that I want to do it professionally.

How do you choose the look for the performances?

Alexandra Trusova: For performances, of course, for programs. I watched both movies – both from the short program and free program. We also choose makeup and hairstyle. I almost always choose the whole look, Eteri Georgievna can say whether she liked it or not, then I will make adjustments.


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