Alexandra Trusova: “Of course, I want to do more quads than boys”

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Alexandra Trusova about international competitions, plans for the season and her dress for the free program.

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About International competitions

Alexandra Trusova: International competitions are more interesting than Russian ones. I really like to travel to different countries and far away. Therefore, I am glad that they will held like this, even without a bubble – it will be possible to walk around the city.

I like the first Grand Prix very much. I always like to perform before everyone else. Moreover, I got America and Japan – I’m very happy. I’ve never been to Las Vegas. I have been in Miami, Orlando, Boston – and now it is Las Vegas.

We have two days of training, my family is traveling with me: mom, dad, brothers. So I hope there will be time for something other than the ice rink.

At the World Championships I did puzzles, because there it was impossible to go out anywhere. I take books, puzzles, TV-series.

Adaptation to the time zone doesn’t bother me much – I can’t say that I have some kind of acclimatization. I’m fine.

If we talk about countries, then I like to perform more in America and Canada, because there I want to sleep in the evening, and we get up early in the morning. In Japan, on the contrary: I do not want to sleep for a long time, and in the morning it’s hard to get up – this I don’t like. I love it when you get up easily and fall asleep easily.

In Boston, I was very surprised that many Russians came, brought three dogs to show me. It was a pleasure.

About goals for the season

Alexandra Trusova: I have not yet reached the point to say that I have done everything. I will stop skating when this moment comes. When I’ll do everything I want, then yes. So far, this is a triple axel in short and five quads in competitions and always skate clean. And then we’ll see.

Lutz is a fairly easy jump for me, it is convenient for me, the easiest one. I can do it at any time – no matter what shape I am in. I did it on the first day after a 3-week vacation. The main thing is to know how to do it.

If there are five quads, would I want the six? Perhaps. Of course, I want to do more than boys. So far I can’t do it, but I try anyway: sometimes I lose, sometimes the jumps just doesn’t turn out. When I cannot do it, I feel very bad.

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About the dress for the free program

Alexandra Trusova: Costume for a free program to “Cruella”. These are the spaces for my dogs’ names – now there are four, but I want to ask for the fifth one. Still, five dogs, five quadruples – there should be five names. I think to rank by age. On top: Tina, Lana, Alita and Ella, fifth – Jack. But if there is room, then there will be a brother’s dog – the fifth one.

There are gloves here, but I asked for sleeveless dress, because it is uncomfortable for me to raise my arms. I have almost all jumps with hands up.


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  1. ioanykie says:

    I’m really not convinced by the new dress… To me it feels like I’m watching a messy halloween costume.

  2. Yolanda Torres says:

    Me encanta como patina Sasha felicidades por la medalla de Oro

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