Tamara Moskvina: “Mishina and Galliamov’s program is a dedication to the youth of the world. It’s starts with romance, but then they build a life, family, profession, fly into space”

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Tamara Moskvina about Mishina and Galliamov’s free program and criticism they faced.

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source: sports.ru by Maia Bagryantseva

Tamara Moskvina: We are moving gradually, and at this stage for me, for the coach, it is important that they accepted our music for the free program, that the specialists, coaches whom I respect, give thumbs up after the skating with the words: “Good, victorious, Olympic music” … That those who previously advised changing it now have changed their minds. Yes, not all ready yet, but this is the beginning of the season.

The performance in Espoo pleased me because they returned to the skill they had – to be reliable performers. And first of all, in this regard, I want to pay tribute to their first coaches – the Velikov spouses.

This program is a dedication to the youth of the world. It starts with a romance – love, young people enjoy life, communication, the world around them, but the time comes, and everything changes – the time comes for action, they begin to build a life, family, profession, fly into space, invent something. No matter how much our youth is criticized – both now and in the old days – they build our future, and they will do it.

Well, at first I didn’t tell them anything about younth. I just gave them a technical vision at first, since I guessed that mostly all pairs would take slow music and so it would be easy for them to do their elements, without getting tired.

But our music isn’t not slow and at the same time I need to show that this pair is ready to make triple throws, make lifts at great speed and rush like crazy at the end of the program. And this music allowed to show this.

What else about the music? All my life this music has sounded in our country during the Vremya program (News on TV – ed.), so some Russian viewers perceived it ambiguously. But I texted about the music with foreign experts and judges – and they said “Well, it’s Russians who know about your news program, but we really like the music.”

In general, one of the most important music experts told me: “This will be your next hit, Tamara.” So it will be so, it’s just too early now, we need to skate the program more. And the guys believed me right away.

Of course, after the test skates in Chelyabinsk they said to me: “Oh, maybe you will think about it, maybe you will change it.” Well, I said, “Okay, I’ll think about it.” But I know what I’m doing.


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