Daniil Gleikhengauz: “Eteri Tutberidze’s sense of pose is at the highest level.”

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Daniil Gleikhengauz about choreographing lots of programs for the season.

source: Channel One, text version sports.ru

How is it to choreograph so many programs during the offseason?

Daniil Gleikhengauz: It’s very difficult, I’m tired, Eteri Georgievna is tired. We give ourselves completely. Of course it is difficult.

But everyone forgets that all the other choreographers they know, I will not list the names – these are the most famous choreographers in the world of figure skating – they make exactly the same number of programs in different places, different groups per year. Something, of course, at a different level.

No one was surprised that Ilia Averbukh and Sasha Zhulin worked at the “Ice Age” and did competitive programs. And the number of programs that they did during the “Ice Age”, it seems to me, is just unrealistic. You still have to find music, an idea and so on – this is the toughest thing.

Here you have time to prepare, a lot of time on the ice to work with everyone. We don’t get off the ice in Novogorsk, plus there are two of us. When two choreographers work together, you create material that is better than each one of you can do individually. You see the program from beginning to end, but in some 10 seconds you see it like this, and a person from the outside says: I see it like that. And it can be better.

In another moment you say: here I see it this way. And when you put everything together, you get a complete program from beginning to end, which is saturated. There is no such thing that you, as a choreographer, are tired somewhere – in any case, every second is worked out.

What do you do better and what do Tutberidze do better?

Daniil Gleikhengauz: I don’t really like the final poses. Sometimes you can see it directly when you know from the very beginning: this will be the starting position, this is the final one.

Sometimes, when this is a program based on choreography, and not with a laid down idea about something, then here I know perfectly well: Eteri Georgievna’s sense of pose is at the highest level. The way she feels a woman’s body, the correct curves of each finger, from toes, from elbow to heels … I always know that she will do it perfectly.


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