Alexandra Boikova and Dmitri Kozlovskii: “We are responsible to the state, which gives us the opportunity to skate, which we are actually going to defend as at war.”

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Alexandra Boikova and Dmitri Kozlovskii about responsibility to the country, training with Tamara Moskvina, preparation for the Olympic season and working with Ksenia Stolbova.

source: radio Mayak, text version

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Dmitri Kozlovskii: We have a very correct approach at the rink. There is no such position that I am the boss – you are a fool. We’re not Tamara Moskvina’s pairs there. We are pairs who work with Tamara Moskvina, Artur Minchuk, Nikolai Moroshkin. We are partners. We do not have a rigid hierarchy, a vertical, when Tamara Nikolaevna is at the top, and so on. We are all equally respectful.

Of course, there are some difficult moments, confrontations, but this is normal when people are engaged in joint responsible activities. We are responsible not only to ourselves or to the coach. We are responsible to the state, which gives us the opportunity to skate, which we are actually going to defend as at war. We are going to defend the colors of our flag and the honor of our country. This is very responsible.

Listen to how great Irina Viner (rhythmic gymnastics coach -ed.) is talking about it. She correctly explains to her girls who they are, that they are representatives of the state, the face of the country, who are brought to the international arena to show that this is the best thing in the country in this discipline. This is a great responsibility.

Therefore, in any case, in such a serious activity as preparing for the Olympic Games, there are some conflicts, but we must find a return to unity. We have one, big, solid, common goal.

About working with Ksenia Stolbova

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Alexandra Boikova: We worked with Ksenia Stolbova, as well as with Nikolai Morozov. They work in tandem now.

First of all, we worked on programs. Ksenia helped me with the emotional component of our new programs, explained many gestures, showed and said which poses would be better, because Ksenia has a wonderful sense of posture, as it seems to me. Her job was to choreograph and present us as a pair.

Dmirti Kozlovskii: It is very pleasant to take experience not only from the coach, but also from the athlete. I am more than sure that an athlete and a coach perceive the Olympics in completely different ways. Ksenia has tremendous experience of performing at those competitions where we are going to perform – I’m talking specifically about the Olympic Games. She not only performed there, but was in leading positions.

Alexandra Boikova: Both in terms of work and in terms of communication, if you find a common language with Ksenia, then everything is going well. She is on the same wave with you, we like to joke, laugh.


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