Alina Zagitova: “You can run faster, jump higher but unfortunately, the judges’ assessment is subjective”

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Alina Zagitova about rhythmic gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics, sport and judging.

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Alina Zagitova: Sport is hard work and responsibility. Every athlete knows that it is impossible to achieve victory without daily, sometimes exhausting training, mastering your skills, bringing it to perfection. But there are also intangible, unpredictable factors – luck, someone’s assessment, support of the stands.

This year, as well as at the Winter Games in 2018, it was harder than usual for the athletes defending the honor of the country. There was no flag, no anthem, no fans, and this is very important for us. Can you imagine the pressure, the incredible tension that an athlete has competing for the highest score – Olympic gold?

You can run faster, jump higher, shoot more accurately. Unfortunately, the judges’ assessment is subjective. But it is valuable that despite all the difficulties, uncertainties and restrictions, the Olympics still took place! And it is important to remember that the main assessment for our guys is the support of the country. Dina and Arina Averins are an example for many girls in our country! Our pride! Perfection!

Our golden girls! Remember, you weren’t just fighting for gold. The main thing that you do – you inspire for new achievements, work on yourself! The whole country is proud of you, and for us you are always winners! Sport should be outside politics, it should unite countries, peoples, people.

There can be no nationalities in it. It contains only strength, speed, beauty and an amazing reminder to everyone that each person is capable of more. Thanks to athletes, each of us understands that the impossible is possible. And everyone can become the best version of themselves! Thank you girls for that!


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One response to “Alina Zagitova: “You can run faster, jump higher but unfortunately, the judges’ assessment is subjective””

  1. ioanykie says:

    Ah, the voice of wisdom… She’s the first one I’ve heard to talk about the support of the stands, and I totally agree with what she says. Alina, thank you for your balanced point of view!

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