“It was a childhood dream to skate a program to the Swan Lake” Alexandra Boikova about Olympic short program

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Alexandra Boikova and Dmitrii Kozlovskii told about their new short program to “Swan Lake”.

source: matchtv.ru dd. 28th July by Anastasiia Panina

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Your new short program – “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky. It seems to me that this is the kind of music that figure skaters dream of skating to since childhood.

Alexandra Boikova: For me it really was a childhood dream – to skate to this music one day. But I didn’t manage to fulfill it in single skating. In pairs, somehow I even forgot about such an opportunity, although I often go to the ballet. In general, The Nutcracker and Swan Lake are some of my favorite ballets when it comes to classics.

So it was your idea, Alexandra?

Alexandra Boikova: Yes, the dream has finally come true. I talked to Dmitrii about Swan Lake, he liked the idea. Then we talked with the coaches together, they also approved. And then we came with the music to the choreographer (Nikolai Morozov – ed), he also supported this idea.

Judging by the fact that this is one of your favorite ballets, you know the primary source very well. Are you planning to freshen up your impressions at the theater in the near future?

Alexandra Boikova: Yes, we have been to this ballet many times and in different theaters. Both in the Mikhailovsky, Mariinsky and Alexandrinsky. But for me personally, the most favorite performances are still in Mikhailovsky. I just like this theater in general, and in particular, their “Swan Lake” is very pleasant. Previously, I went to see it almost every year, now less often, unfortunately, because of the training schedule. But now we are planning to go again the other day.

How did Nikolai Morozov explain the artistic images and essence of the program to you?

Alexandra Boikova: Nikolai Alexandrovich always very clearly explains what you do in the program, who you skate. Almost each movement, what does it mean, what message it should have. Moreover, first he asks what idea you have, for example, for this wave of the hand, a look at the judges or a look at your partner. You say your opinion, he listens and either agrees with you, or offers his own. Therefore, we always quickly find contact with him. It seems to me that this is generally his distinctive feature. Working on the program, he builds a connection with athletes, which is why his programs are so warmly appreciated by the audience and the judges.

In the free program, will there be something familiar to you in terms of plasticity and artistic images, or something completely new?

Dmitrii Kozlovskii: As for the new free program, it is the result of our long-term difficult work. Alexandra and I have always said that we strive not to be a pair of the same style. We have a goal – always to be different and interesting. And we will be glad to share the result of our work with our fans soon.


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