Gennadi Karponosov: “Stepanova-Bukin was unfairly placed so far. They should have been in the top three”

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Coach Gennadi Karponosov shared his opinion on the performances of Russian ice dancers at the World Championships in Stockholm.



Gennadi Karponosov: Even last year, Sinitsina and Katsalapov, with their original dance, beat the French world champions Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron at the European Championships, proving that this dance is the best in the world today. What they have shown this time at the World Championships.

As for Stepanova and Bukin, they were quite unfairly placed so far – Alexandra’s mistake was not worth such points, they really should have been in the top three, that’s for sure. But they weren’t lucky with the draw – they got in the penultimate group, and the judges are biased even at such things.

Well, the tenth place of Zahorski and Guerreiro – there are simply no words, because this pair is considered one of the strongest in the world.

Yes, for a long time we have not been so close to the medals of the World Championships, but what worries me before the free dance is the performance of the Americans Chock and Bates, who showed a very strong short dance. I don’t know why they lost to Hubbell and Donohue, apparently, the judges saw something, but it was the skating of Chock and Bates that excited me today.

Such a gap can be easily won back, therefore, as Alexei Mishin says, it is too early for euphoria.

Therefore, today we are happy for Sinitsina and Katsalapov, we are worried about Stepanova and Bukin and we are upset about Zahorski and Guerreiro, but our athletes have always been distinguished by the fact that they fought to the end, to the last bullet, to the last centimeter of the distance.


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