Is Adelina Sotnikova ready to compete again?

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Recently Russian open skates were held in Sochi where almost all members of Russian national figure skating team showed their programs for the upcoming season. Whether Olympic Champion Adelina Sotnikova is ready to compete again was one of the main intrigues of that skates. She missed all previous season because of the injury, took part in shows and Russian version of the Dances with the Stars. In all her interviews she told that she is craving to skate and compete. But a lot of people was really sceptical about her return. Some was almost sure that she will repeat the history of Tara Lipinski.

Adelina had two new programs from the previous season but she haven’t got a chance to show to the public during competition routine, only adaptation for the shows. But she decided to change the short program to show what she learned from the Dances with Stars project. So, here is latina from Adelina Sotnikova:

I like her short program, it suits her a lot. I also like that it’s just a dancing program without difficult character to show and huge libretto to tell. It shows her musicality and ability to present herself. And her skating skills is just amazing! Good program. One of the best she ever had as for me.

Adelina decided to keep her free program to Je suis malade:

Personally I’m a bit disappointed. I understand that back injury prevented her from skating with jumps and spins, but it isn’t the main problem. Too many two-footed skating. Program looks more like an exhibition number not a program for competition. Maybe I’m a conservator but I don’t like the beginning and the final of the program. Too theatrical. Good for shows, but not for the competition. Fans already made a funny pictures with that final pose:



After Sochi Olympics Games I wrote on one forum that we all was robbed. Yuna Kima was robbed of gold, Carolina Kostner was robbed of silver and Adelina Sotnikova was robbed of long and great sports career. And we all as viewers were robbed of possibility to see what a great skater Adelina could become once.

I don’t sure that she is ready for another four years of extremely hard work and sacrificing of everything for skating. The competition among ladies in Russian National team is extremely fierce. There are a lot of girls who younger, have less injuries and with hunger for medals and competition. Is Adelina ready for this when a golden Olympic medal is already on her neck? Sorry, but this skates didn’t give me some confidence about her. But I hope that I’m wrong.

See the video of Russian ice dancers. The short dances and free dances.

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