Russian jumping competition “Girls vs Boys” [promo video]

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Alexandra Trusova, Kamila Valieva and Anna Shcherbakova challenge men in jumping competition.

Alexandra Trusova: I challenge guys. I’ll show them who is the stronger sex!

Kamila Valieva: For some reason, we girls are considered weak, I am ready to prove that we are not. Guys, I challenge you!

Anna Shcherbakova: Before, I could not even imagin that I would have such an opportunity, but now I can challenge the boys and see which one of us will cope better.

source: Channel 1

There will be three rounds in the jumping competition at the team event in Moscow.

In the first round, each team will jump four different elements – the skaters will agree on who will perform which jump.

In the second round, the participants will show their most difficult jumps.

In the third round, each skater will make a combination of five jumps.

Athletes will be judged by the same scoring system as in official competitions.



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