Best dresses from ISU JGP in Linz | ladies free program

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So, let’s see who was the most fashionable in the free program.

Chiara Calderone (Italy)


I like the noble shade of great. Drapery and applique with rhinestones look good with a simple skirt. I also like the headband. But those tights spoil the overall impression a bit.

Bradie Tennell (USA)


Another nice dress from Bradie Tennell. Good combination of colours, totally age appropriate design. I also really like the sleeves illusion made of rhinestones.

Mai Mihara (Japan) 


Nice Giselle’s dress. You don’t need to invent something when everything have been already invented. Good adaptation of the ballet costumes. I like the soft colors and little quantity of decor.

Maria Sotskova (Russia)


This is still my favorite dress from all I’ve already seen on JGP. Modern, stylish and fashionable! It’s really something new for the figure skating fashion. Love the combination of colors and the accessories. The dress is not only stylish, idea of balletic chiton is clearly noticeable. Amazing dress!

See who was the most stylish in the short program in Linz. 

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