“I don’t know if Medvedeva will be able to return to her level after a long break.” Tarasova about Medvedeva’s withdrawal from Rostelecom Cup

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Evgenia Medvedeva won’t participate in the Grand Prix Rostelecom Cup. Some comments from Inna Goncharenko and Tatiana Tarasova on this topic.

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Today the President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation Alexander Gorshkov confirmed that Evgenia Medvedeva won’t compete at the Rostelecom Cup.

Alexander Gorshkov: She will not participate in this competitions, as she has not fully recovered yet.

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Previously Medvedeva has withdrawn from Russian Cup. There is one stage left until the end of the main part of the Russian Cup, but there is still not clear whether those who missed the stages will be allowed to compete at Nationals. According to the criteria adopted by the federation, only participants of two stages can qualify for the Nationals. At the same time, there seems to be a certainty that all “honored” people should be allowed outside the criteria. According to the Russian honored coach Inna Goncharenko, this will be fair:

Inna Goncharenko: No, the criteria is not a mistake. Coronavirus that rules everything now is a mistake. Of course, Zhenya should be allowed and given a chance to compete at Nationals, like the others who find themselves in a similar situation. For the simple reason – and where else to compete now? For an active athlete, the best training is competition, otherwise he will waste away. Depriving the skaters of part of their life, won’t do any good.

But why, then, was it necessary to adopt such a strict criteria?

Inna Goncharenko: Everyone must do their job. In general, I don’t like paperwork and all this bureaucracy. Yes, you need to look at the specific situation, but what can be done now? There are extraordinary circumstances, quarantine and the absence of competitions is one of them. The skaters were knocked out of their schedule, deprived of the opportunity to work with a coach, as it was with Zhenya. They should announce an extraordinary meeting of the coaching council and discuss the situation.

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Tatiana Tarasova: We can only wish Zhenya health. The most important thing is that nothing hurts her and she fully recovers.

I don’t know if she will be able to return to her level after a long break. This question should be addressed to her coach Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze.

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2 Responses to ““I don’t know if Medvedeva will be able to return to her level after a long break.” Tarasova about Medvedeva’s withdrawal from Rostelecom Cup”

  1. Renate says:

    I wish Jewgenia the very best, health and happiness. As I said: with saying good by to Brian and the official order to train in the very young group of Eteri ( you cannot fetch back an old situation)
    – it was the end. Even much younger girls go away from Eteri- what has Shenia to do with the children there? Should she bow her successful head ? No- Shenia- don’t do this. The “geisha” was a masterpeace- Noone can take this away. Let it be. You have a life. Take it and have new challenges. I was and Iam a great fan of you. Say to the jumping childrens company Good by. A further training there will hurt you.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Well, the situation is sad, but to be fair she hasn’t trained much with Eteri after come back. Almost right after this announcement she had a medical examination and stopped trainings. And her back bothered her before returnnig to Tutberidze. Or do you mean that she injured her back long ago?

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