Alena Kostornaia: “I’m a man of moods. But if I need to overcome this state, Evgeni Plushenko will help me.”

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Alena Kostornaia for Channel 1.

video by Channel 1

Alena Kostornaia: To change the name of the school “Angels of Plushenko” from angels to devils? Well I do not know. Maybe you can say that about me specifically. Regarding the name of the whole academy – this is up to Evgeni Viktorovich.

I have two states: driving, which is very difficult for someone to endure, because I am very noisy, loud, I say something, I laugh. And it happens that I am quiet, calm, “sluggish” in practice.

I am a man of moods, it may depend on the weather, on me in general, whether the training went well or not. I want – I don’t want, I like it – I don’t like it. It is impossible to predict.

Some kind of energy always comes from Evgeni Viktorovich on the ice. Therefore, if I have such a mood “not jumping”, “not skating,” then he will always find words to cheer me up. If I need to overcome this state, he will help me.

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Alena read tweets about herself and commented on them.

Alena Kostornaia: Here someone writes that I don’t look very well this season. Well, that’s someone’s personal opinion. We have a very subjective sport. Someone likes it, someone doesn’t like it, someone is for it, someone is against.

Nobody canceled your opinion. But, accordingly, your opinion is your opinion. If you don’t like something, then…Ok you don’t like it. That’s all.

Now I began to devote a lot of time to the regime and other aspects that I previously did not observe at all. I went to bed when I wanted, at a time I wanted.

And in general, I didn’t care, I could stay up all night. And then just an hour before the workout, lie almost
“knocked out”, because the body could not cope.

Now I began to pay attention to this. Dark circles under the eyes are less visible and the skin is clearer. Skin tone is acceptable now, not like a corpse.

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