Best dresses from ISU JGP in Linz | ladies short program

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Unfortunately ladies in Linz haven’t impressed me a lot. Here Are some dresses that i liked:

Bradie Tennell (USA)

5Simple dress in ice princess style but like it. Nice color, enough decorating. The back is just amazing!

Romana Kaiser (Liechtenstein)


I think it’s pretty good dress for the junior skater. Nice colors, the skirt looks great in motion. But I wouldn’t have done those cuts on the sides.

Alexandra De Hanovre (Monaco)


I always appreciate simple and elegant dresses. Classical combination of small black dress and an expensive necklace.

Mia Mihara (Japan)


Great dress for the junior skater. Nice color, dark blue looks noble and good on ice. I also like the section with laces on the waist and flowery applique on sholdress. This dress is very girly but still elegant.

See who in Linz have the best costumes for the short dance.

Comments are welcome.

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