Kamila Valieva: “In the free program to Bolero I portray a Snake”

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Kamila Valieva about her performance at the second stage of the Russian Cup, where she took second place after leading in the short program.

photo by sports.ru

by Olga Ermolina for fsrussia.ru dd 12th October 2020

Kamila Valieva: Of course, you can’t skate like that. A quadruple is a difficult jump, but a triple lutz … This is what I always start to warm up with, I do it, one might say, with my eyes closed. Yes, I understand that this is the beginning of the season and I’m skating this program for the second time in front of the audience, but it’s unpleasant that in training here and at my rink everything was fine, I skated clean. I think I just need to skate a little more and be less nervous before the start …

The program is to the music “Bolero” by Ravel. I read how this piece of music was created. But I have a different artistic image in this program – I portray a Snake, and if you look at my costume, you will understand everything yourself. And my movements seem to repeat the movements of a snake.

These are my programs this season: in the short program I’m a bird, and in the free program – a snake. I think it is interesting to perform it choreographically …

Of course, at these competitions I really wanted to skate on maximum, but for myself I realized that I need to worry less and show and do what I do in training.


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6 Responses to “Kamila Valieva: “In the free program to Bolero I portray a Snake””

  1. Jack says:

    Kamila is so special. She lights up the rink. Everything she does is beautiful. She’s so graceful and strong and composed. More than that, she’s magical. She has a presence, a charisma, a magnetism that cannot be described adequately. She is so sincere, so warm-hearted, such a natural. She’s one of a kind. There’s nothing she can’t accomplish. She is overflowing with talent. She is as powerful and as flexible as a stainless steel spring. She will wow crowds for years to come.

  2. Rosa says:

    This is a phenomenal choreography. It is breathtaking and beautiful.

  3. Carolina says:

    This costume is simply awful. I’ve never saw a snake, that looks like that. And- I’ve never saw such a square snake. The music is slow and there is no correlation with the hectic and stressful square and unemotional work with the arms. The choreography is bad, because – Gleichengaus tried – nearly like ever- a copy of Plissetskaja. I don’t like her in the piece of it- but it is a complete other horse- Mr. Gleichengaus. There (Pliss.) is no square, now overwork with the arms. Please, try to find own choreographies and let your hands from others. You and your bad copies. Your translation of the piece with Pliss. is to bad! And- the girl is much much to young for it- like Alina and Carmen. It is a joke. Kamila is in the beginning of a body trasnsition, the jumps don’t work so precisely anymore. Usachewa is the girl with the 2. place.

    • FS Gossips says:

      “This costume is simply awful. I’ve never saw a snake,”
      It looks more like a cockroach me….Ooops

      and I completely agree about poor choreography that doesn’t match the music at all(

      I think Kamala is a capable skater and deserves much better material. But who cares, right? When this gets such a scores…

  4. Catherine says:

    Bolero does not suit Kamila’s skating style, which is no fault of hers. I know there is a theory that it was chosen for her to ‘grow’ into for the Olympics. I think it would be better if the coaching staff chose something more ethereal and light. If you want to portray a snake, choose appropriate music to perform to. That’s not Bolero. Kamila was done no favours by the costume either. The outfit at the test skates was much better.

    I was embarrassed for her to be receiving such inflated scores. I think Kamila knew they weren’t deserved.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I agree. Bolero doesn’t suit her style of “ariness and lightness”. But that’s not her mistake. I think Kamila tries her best…It’s just about the concept of th eprogram itself. I think Daniil chose the wrong approach to this music.Bolero is strong, powerful and self sufficient. It needs neither 1000 movements per second, or a snake libretto. I know that current rules appreciate this “1000 moves and transitions for the sake of transitions”…then maybe they should have chosen another music?

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