“I always said that I wouldn’t be a coach” Fedor Klimov about starting a coaching career

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At the Russian Cup in Syzran you may have noticed new face behind the board. Olympic silver medalist Fedor Klimov told about starting a coaching career.

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Fedor Klimov: We (with Ksenia Stolbova) planned to retire after the Olympics in Korea. The Olympics didn’t happen, but it didn’t create confusion – for me everything had been going to this, it wasn’t a moment of making a decision then.

Non-admission to the Olympics? The moment was so-so. At first, of course, I didn’t believe it. When everything was confirmed, devastation came. I didn’t want to be angry or find out anything. Just apathy.

Why didn’t I start performing in shows after finishing career? As they explained to me, Stolbova – Klimov is a brand that they know. And Klimov and someone else – unknown people.

I tried to skate in the New Year’s show with another Olympic champion. I liked everything, but still I realized that it was not for me.

I didn’t plan coaching career and always said that I wouldn’t be a coach. I had my mother’s example before my eyes, I saw how hard it was. But after finishing my career, like many others, I found myself at a crossroads, and at that moment Nina Mozer offered to go with her to the seminar.

I went, everything worked out for me, I liked it. And then everything started unfolding.


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