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In terms of costumes ice dance is my favorite discipline of figure skating. Because in ice dance we can see all variety of the skirt length, depth of the necklines, different jackets, waistcoats, tailcoats etc. And ice dancers in Linz haven’t disappointed me! So, who impressed me with their costumes for the waltz in Linz? Here’s my fashion results of the short dance.

Guoste Damuleviciute and Deividas Kizala (Lithuania)


Good example of historical full-dress uniform. I love men in uniform and think that it always looks good and adds some charm. And of course it’s an excellent choice for the waltz that can add you some bonuses in your presentation mark. Maybe Guoste’s dress is totally not historical, but I like the color and the simple cut. With such difficult costume for the partner is always better not to overdo the girl’s dress.

Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd (Russia)


Great historical costumes! Pavel looks amazing in the full-dress uniform. It done wisely, all the necessary details are added, but it doesn’t overdone and doesn’t look heavy. I also like the chosen colors. With dark uniform this tender green (almost fashionable minty) looks good matched. Alla’s dress made in empire style according to a historical epoch. Perfect costumes for the “first bal” dance.

Darya Popova and Volodymyr Nakisko (Ukraine)


The idea is almost the same with the Russians, the same combination of dark green full-dress uniform with tender green (or minty) dress. This variation of the dress cut is less historical but as for me looks better in realities of figure skating program. The only thing I would change the “necklace”, it looks a bit heavy.

Hayley Sales and Nikolas Wamsteeker  (Canada)


Sorry, I couldn’t find a better photo( It could be almost perfect costumes for this dance. I like this evening gowns for both of them. Like the deep color of Hayley’s dress and its simple cut. Looks spicy but still stylish. I also like her hair style. The only thing I’m not sure about is glowes. I think it’s a little bit too much.

Julia Wagret and Mathieu Couyras (France)


I like his simple tuxedo with white shirt. Another thing that will always look fashionable and elegant. But I almost have fell in love with this dress! Amazing combination of this soft shade of green and black. The tender black laces application looks also wonderful! Great job!

See who was the most stylish among the ice dancers on previous ISU JGP event in Colorado Springs. 

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