Ksenia Stolbova: Most likely, I have plans to perform in shows

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Ksenia Stolbova about life after sports, favorite programs and costumes, participation in shows and much more.

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Ksenia Stolbova: I am in America, yesterday I came to Lake Placid, where the Winter Olympic Games were held.

Ironically, my first trip to the USA was also to Lake Placid. Fedor Klimov and I came to the Junior Grand Prix, it was almost 10 years ago. After 10 years, I am here again – came to rest. Today at 8 am I got up, went to the waterfalls, jumped from a 10-meter height. We swim in the lake, walk a lot, relax. More or less the life is getting better.

I have been in America for six months now, but I hope soon it will be possible to fly home safely.

Self-isolation in the US is unusual. After a trip to Estonia in March, I catch one of the last flights to US. I had a short break before my graduation, I was planning to spend a short vacation: go to the ocean, to the Caribbean, came back with peace of mind and then go about business.

But the quarantine happened and it became clear that I was unlikely to leave in the near future. It was weird. A couple of days later you go into a store, and there it is like in American movies: people are preparing for the apocalypse, sweeping everything off the shelves – there was nothing in the stores. Absolutely. Kilometer queues, panic.

On the quarantine I lacked meetings with people, activity. I really like to go to the movies, to musicals, Broadway. But I’m even glad that the period of my unsportsmanlike career coincided so, when I finally had a rest, it was a long break. I rested my head and body. I had time for things for which I haven’t time before.

Most likely, I have plans to perform in shows. In January, I participated in small Christmas shows and I really liked it. I would try again; but I cannot say that it will be for a long time.

I miss traveling, packing up, suitcase mood, movement. During a sports career, you are constantly running, doing something. Now I miss it. I sat at home for a week and it becomes impossible, I need to do something, go somewhere or fly …

Breaking up with your partner is always sad and difficult. How does it come to this? It depends on the circumstances, on what happens in the career: someone finishes because of health, someone does not get along with each other. I had such an example.

My first partner Artur Minchuk. We skated very well, but we couldn’t get along with each other. We did not help each other, but constantly figured out something. I am the leader! No, me! When you tug-of-war, it is very difficult to work. You need to have a balance.

Some injuries from the past bother me, every year I feel it more and more. Especially serious injuries: broken leg, torn, partly torn ligaments. Athletic age … Sometimes you get up – and you feel that you are jammed. And until you crunch, you cannot move.

It so happened that, while skating with Andrei Novoselov, we had a disagreement about why we were here at all. There was a choice – either a career or a family. Andrei has two wonderful daughters, a wonderful wife. It is very difficult to combine career and family. Against this background, we, unfortunately, did not work out and we had to choose.

And then I decided that I didn’t want to continue, the motivation was not the same. Plus, it’s not clear what will happen next with sports and competitions. Well, also age.

My favorite programs? I love La Strada, where Fedor and I played circus clowns – a good funny program. And of course, The Addams Family.

I love “I put a spell on you” very much too. How did the idea come about? A banal story: the trilogy “50 shades of gray” were published, then the movie – I think almost every person in headphones, in a car was listening these soundtracks. I was like “Okay, I should listen too” – and I liked it. I suggested it to Nina Mozer, Fedor – and everyone said yes. It was interesting for us to try the blues, which we have never skated to.

Black dress from this program – the first version was only at one competitions. A beautiful dress, style, finishing … But in figure skating it is important that nothing slips or clinches. And there was an open back, almost an open stomach, but there was silk.

So, this is neither lift, nor throw – Fedor had to grab me onto the body, cling somehow so I would not slip off. I had to give up this dress, urgently look for options to sew another one.

In costumes, I do not really like the direction of rhinestones, embroidery. For me, the simplier the better. When I came to the designer, we constantly had small fights: she is a creative person, she wants to add more. And I’m like this: no, we’ll putt it off, there will be no rhinestones.

It seems to me that there are defiant costumes in ice dance now. But this is only in my opinion; and I understand that it is welcomed in ice dance- such a style, such a presentation.

Favorite pair? Alena Savchenko comes to mind when she skated with Robin Szolkowy. They improved from year to year, tried different styles. Interestingly, at the Sochi Olympics, I did not follow them at all, I was so in myself and in our pair. We communicated well with Alena at the shows, at the competitions: hello, how are you? There were never any tension.

If we single out our pairs, then I like Boikova-Kozlovski and Galliamov-Mishina.

I’m not ready to go to the mall and hang out there for half a day. I can only if I need to find something urgently. That was when Fedor and I skated, back in 2012. We had a program called “Modern Bolero”, navy blue costumes with silver accents.

I really wanted not just black tights, but blue ones, so that everything would blend beautifully – either a tone lighter or darker. I think this is one of those moments when I spent all day in the mall and found these tights.

It’s very cool to go shopping with Johnny and we got out here in America several times. But I can’t say that we hung out there – it’s just a pleasant leisure time: we had breakfast, walked, went to the store, then walked some more.

Lately, I started to like Russian designers, and in general Russian fashion has gone up. I would gladly become a face of some designer, I would love to try.

Why I almost don’t post anything on Instagram? I do not really like it. If you post something, then you need an ideal photo, some kind of text, and not just post some photo. I am calm about social networks, I don’t have this: I haven’t posted anything for a long time, which means I need to quickly post something or write down a story. But if I have to, I can do it, okay.

The coolest competitions? In one of the past broadcasts I talked about the Olympics in Sochi, but then I also recalled the World Championships after the Olympics. Tough and memorable, but also the friendliest and coolest competitions that I have ever seen.

After the competition, we usually get together and communicate, relax. So, this is the only competitions where all the guys-participants gathered in one place. Everything was organized by Nobunari Oda and Miki Ando – they rented a private club, and it was so friendly, warm, such a happy atmosphere. Who was there will confirm it (Victoria Sinitsina, who watched the broadcast, confirmed it with a smile – ed).

After that, let’s say, a fun event, many started a family life etc. It was very cool.

My plans for the nearest future: buying tickets – I will have to get to Russia somehow. And also to see my friends, to see my mother – I have not seen her for seven months. Deal with household chores, prepare for a diploma.

There is no specifics about the shows yet, so I would not like to talk about it. And also – to choose the direction for a second higher education and preparation for it. So I have something to strive for and something to do.


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