Best dresses from ISU JGP in Colorado Springs | short dance

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From ice dancers I always expect the most interesting costumes and usually they don’t disappoint me. So, who was the most stylish among ice dancers? Who prepared the most beautiful and elegant costumes for the waltz?

Ria Schwendinger and Valentin Wunderlich (Germany)


Those guys just amazed me with their cute historical costumes! Unexpected choice for My Fair Lady, no pink, no light skirt and ruffles. But the costumes are very memorable.

Chloe Lewis and Logan Bye (USA)

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I really like this costumes. In the style of waltz and ball gown but not overwhelmed by details and finishing. Nice color palette, dark blue looks good on logan and not so formal. Multi layered skirt looks great on motion due to different color shades. A tasteful choice.

Sarah Marine Rouffanche and Geoffrey Brissaud (France)


I love the colors, bright enough but tender and look good on the ice. Geoffrey’s costume I like more. It looks simple but stylish and romantic. Sarah dress would have been amazing if they had chosen different lace for the bodice, more thin and sophisticated. But I like the whole idea and image.

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