Alexei Mishin: I will be overly surprised if Hanyu performs this jump cleanly this season

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Alexei Mishin about the fight for the title of the first skater to jump the quad axel.

by Anna Korobkova for 21st January 2020

photo Alexander Vilf / Ria Novosti

Who will jump the quad axel this year?

– I do not know. And if we talk without politeness than no one.

Can this be your former student Artur Dmitriev Jr.?

– Artur Dmitriev at one time had perhaps the best triple axel in the world. He did it, for example, with two arms above his head, with one arm up, with arms crossed on his chest during the take off, flight and landing, but he will not jump the quad axel.


– Because the anatomical parameters of his body do not contribute to the achievement of the result we are talking about.

What about the quad axel by Yuzuru Hanyu?

– I can’t say that he has the best triple axel in the world, but out of all the men in the world that I have seen, the anatomical characteristics of his body meet the requirements of the quad axel best. Comparing Dmitriev and Hanyu, I can say that the moment of inertia of Artur’s body relative to the longitudinal axis is much higher than Yuzuru’s. To jump quad axel successfully, Artur with his body parameters needs to jump to a height that is not even accessible for him, and he’s a good jumper.

Let’s get back to Hanyu.

– I have great respect for Yuzuru primarily for his art of movements and for my whole history in figure skating I can put only Toller Cranston in a row with him. I have not seen close his best attempts of the quad axel and I will be overly surprised if he performs this jump cleanly this season. Generally speaking, if Yuzuru ever performs the quadruple axel, this will be his second most important contribution after the Yuzuru artist to world of figure skating.

And if I offer you an option with Alexandra Trusova? She loves both records and quadruple jumps, and also wants to perform with men.

– If we talk about jumps, today and in the near future, she can beat any man. I want to explain to inexperienced fans that technically a triple axel is more complicated in some moments than all the other jumps. I will not go into the details of this.

Speaking of Sasha, if at some point in her career she performs all quad jumps and a triple axel in the program, she will already surprise the world enough. But she needs to hurry, time goes by …


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One response to “Alexei Mishin: I will be overly surprised if Hanyu performs this jump cleanly this season”

  1. Daniil says:

    “I can’t say that he has the best triple axel in the world”

    I’m curious who has the best triple axel then according to Alexei Mishin :)

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