Team Tutberidze: 11 without a real medal – it’s like being married without children

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Team Tutberidze about Morisi Kvitelashvili’s bronze and performance of Kostornaia, Shscerbakova, Trusova trio at the European Championships 2020.

About Morisi Kvitelashvili’s bronze medal from teamtutberidze_ Instagram account

TeamTutberidze: Congratulations to the long-lived of our group Moris Kvitelashvili with such a long-awaited medal and the first real title – a bronze medalist of the European Championships.

For 11 years there has been no real medal – it’s like being married without children (only real feelings hold people together). For our team, this is the long-awaited first-born with Moris.

About Kostornaia, Scsherbakova and Trusova

Daniil Gleichengauz: Everyone deserves “A”, except that Sasha’s grade is with a small minus for the stupid three turn on a double axel. Otherwise, everyone was determined to show their best skating, I really liked the way they performed. Especially considering that this is their first European Championships, we shouldn’t forget about it.

All these competitions for them for the first time, this is their first senior season. And they did everything they had to.



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