Evgenia Medvedeva: I want to apologize for my cold reaction to support of the audience

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Evgenia Medvedeva commented on her performance in the short program at the Russian Nationals 2020.

Evgenia: I did maximum of what I could. Unfortunately. My leg hurts. The boots are just broken, these are the same skates.

Yesterday was a very difficult day. Firstly, an unpleasant fall at the practice session, after which it turned out that the boot was broken. Then we tried to find a new pair quickly, but neither my model nor my size was found. The best thing was skates for beginners. But your never know…

We took off the blades from these boots and put them on the new skates for beginners. I tried to skate but nothing good came of it. We put the blades back. Came up with the maximum possible.

In trainings I managed to do about the same as at competitions. At the warm-up, I could not do anything. I did all I could. I tried not to think at all, but to trust in training. I can’t say what I think so far. I feel very confused, this is unpleasant.

by Anton Pilyasov for sports.ru

Today there was an absolutely amazing support from the audience. Did you feel this energy?

– Yes it’s true. Honestly, the fans helped me a lot. I want to apologize that I may have reacted so coldly to their support after the performance. But the performance turned out hard, so taking this opportunity now, I would like to thank for such warmth, for gifts.

What did Brian Orser say?

– He said he was proud of me.

In your career do you often have to get on the podium after 5th place in the short?

– Once I got there from 11th place, in the junior season.

by Anton Pilyasov for sports.ru


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3 Responses to “Evgenia Medvedeva: I want to apologize for my cold reaction to support of the audience”

  1. Jitka Bortlová says:

    IT was Very difficult for you, Zhenia – you dont need to apologize anybody, because you Are the human being And the pain Is pain. IT was visible, that you have hard condition. I Wish you the best And I am looking forward to you As soon As possible, because for me you Are realy the figure skater with elegance, feeling, nice moving scale. Everybody must understand, that IT Is not possible to jump in new or Broken shoes.

  2. MARIBEL AYALA says:

    I wish she could make the podium, but we all know it’s going to be hard. Anyway, whoever’s ends in third, doesn’t have a guaranteed placement. Go Medvedeva

    • FS Gossips says:

      Yes, the third place does not guaranteed a spot to World’s, but let’s be realistic, trio Shcherbakova, Kostornaia, Trusova have no one to lose to at the European Championships. But with their jumping content the risk of injury, unfortunately, is also very high. So, I think other girls still should maintain the shape. Just in case.

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