Kamila Valieva: I’m looking forward to compete with Alysa Liu

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Short interview with Kamila Valieva. About quads, pets and anticipation to compete with Alysa Liu.

by Anatoli Samokhvalov for rsport.ria.ru dd. 16th September, 2019


Kamila, you go on two quadruple toe loops in a free program very confidently. Probably the quad lutz isn’t far?

– I don’t know yet. While I plan to learn a triple axel, but when this happens, I also don’t want to presume.

Sasha Trusova got into the Guinness Book of Records as the first female skater who landed quad toe loop and quad lutz. Have you thought that if you were born a little earlier, you could be the first one?

– You can’t change this, but this doesn’t bother me. Rather that you need to master these jumps and consider them not a miracle, but the norm of ladies’ figure skating.

Do coaches also encourage that quadruples aren’t something special?

– I don’t consider them something special, because every day I see how our girls do them, the same Sasha jumps lutz, toe loop, tries triple axel. All these things are already considered the norm. Moreover, we master them in such a way so that there is not a big difference between training and competition. At competitions you go to and calmly do what you already do well.

Are you comfortable training in a highly competitive environment? After all many people like to be the first number in their groups and not everyone likes constant sparring?

– I’m calmer when there are such strong girls as Sasha (Trusova), Anya (Shcherbakova), Alina (Zagitova) and Alena (Kostornaya). You follow them and there is no such thought that you must be the first. They are older, so it is very convenient to see them in front of you and learn from their experience.

On whose examples did you grow up?

– After the 2014 Olympics, I really liked Julia Lipnitskaya. I was very interested in her spins, skating, and I tried to do the same things as she. And after the 2018 Olympic Games, I really liked Alina Zagitova. It captured me how easily she executed her programs, and how effectively she jumped. This was an example. Then I also tried to perform with the same calmness, ease and concentration as Alina.

Soon you will begin to be actively invited to various shows in Japan, which now is such a center of the fans love to figure skating. Are you ready to accept numerous compliments, bring three suitcases of gifts from trips?

– This hasn’t happened yet, but I hope I’m ready.

In your group, in addition to the skaters, their dogs also become stars. Masaru, Tina Trusova.

– Yes.

Have you got anyone?

– Recently I got a Pomeranian spitz. Boy, 2.5 months old. While he is still small to bring him to the rink, first he need to be vaccinated.

Will you try to make him famous?

– It’s funny to talk about it, but probably yes.

Would you like to perform at the senior Russian Nationals?

– This year I can’t participate there, and actually I don’t want to perform there yet. I just started to compete with juniors at international competitions.

Who would you like to compete with?

– With Alysa Liu.

You will meet in the Grand Prix Final in Turin.

– Probably. She jumps quadruple lutz, two triple axels. I have two quadruple toe loops. Still I want to know who is stronger – she or me. When we will meet at the same warm-up, I want to feel will there be more nerves or excitement about this fight. I’m looking forward to it.


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