Anna Shcherbakova: it’s not enough to do a quad in training, you have to do it in competitions

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World junior silver medalist and Russian National champion Anna Shcherbakova about competitive experience and shows.

by Olga Ermolina and Tatjana Flade for

Anna: The most important conclusion I made this season: it’s not enough to do the quadruple jump in training, you have to do it in competitions. We worked on this most of all, and I hope that next season the quad will be much more consistent. At the end of the season quad flip turned out, but at the training camp in Novogorsk we’ll see how things will turn out and will decide which quadruple to include into the program. Quad lutz for sure, but what else will see.

After Spartakiada I participated in three shows. For me, this is a new interesting experience, because before that I’ve participated in show only once, last summer in Japan. The show is a little different feeling, because you skate the program, you seem to be a little nervous and at the same time you understand that this is not competitions, that there are no judges, no scores. Unusually. I like it!

Participation in such shows is very helpful. You worry less, then you feel more comfortable at competitions, you understand that everything is not as difficult as you think. I think the show helps to pay more attention not to the jumps, but to the skating itself, because here it is important to skate with the mood, feel the music, and it will also help at competitions.

They also often do a group programs for show – at the beginning and at the end. And I really like the process itself, because you do not just skate the program or make some elements at the end, but experience new emotions: when skaters are on the ice together, you feel a festive atmosphere, you are happy after the performance, the audience applaud, everyone is happy, and it’s very nice!

Before the vacations I managed to break into new boots. Now I will prepare one more pair, because one pair is not enough for the season. Regarding my programs – we will do them during training camp in Novogorsk. Each time, coaches are trying to do something new. I think that the programs for the new season will not be an exception.

Also Anna has recently announced that her SP will be to “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” OST.


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