Maxim Kovtun finished his skating career

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Maxim Kovtun announced about his retirement.

Maxim: I made the decision to finish my sports career. There wasn’t any long way to this decision or long thinking. I just suddenly realized very clearly what my sporting life is like, where it goes.

I couldn’t finish my career a year ago. I didn’t even think about it, because I knew that if I hadn’t returned to my previous level, the feeling of unrealized potential would have simply ate me. Now I have a clear feeling that, as a skater, I did everything I could, everything I was capable of.

My back, all these hernias and protrusions this are for the whole life, and the only thing I can do to keep my back in working condition is to do regular exercises and watch it very carefully. But the more I worked on the muscles, the more clearly I understood that the resources of my body are simply not enough to be consistently in the world top. Not to mention getting into the top three.



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