Russian girls commented on their performances in the short programs at Worlds 2019

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Alina Zagitova, Evgenia Medvedeva and Sofia Samodurova commented on their performance in the short program at the World Championships 2019.

Sofia: There were some nerves, but as soon as the music started, I managed to focus. Am I happy with my performance? Yes, when we looked at the final protocol with the coaches, we were satisfied. Everything was at the highest level, as I wanted. So I’m happy with my performance. But it’s important for me to forget about previous competitions and to strive for something new.


Evgenia: I doubted my combination – it was bad today, but I’m glad that I finished my program without serious mistakes, which is good for me at the moment. Yes, in training, I perform the program twice as good. But step by step I have to overcome myself, I started this path.

I accomplished all my dreams as an athlete – I was at the Olympics, I won everything twice. People dream of getting to the Games, and I’m absolutely happy. What I’m doing now, I’m doing for myself, my relatives, the audience, the history of figure skating.

Frankly, I’m such a person who starts to do everything very carefully at the competitions. I’ve always been like that, at the previous World championships, too. I will try not to overdo, I need to show the maximum, skate cleanly, and also finish the programs with positive emotions.


Alina: I’m pleased with the performance. The audience was very warm. I really like to perform here, they always support here. In the free program I just want to prove myself that I can skate well.



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