Alexandra Trusova: I like the process of learning new jumps

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Interview with Alexandra Trusova after winning her second World title.

by Olga Ermolina and Tatjana Flade for dd. 10th March 2019.

Sasha, this is your second season at the international level, in December you participated in the senior Russian National Championships for the first time. How can you assess this season?

– Since the beginning of the season, since the test skates, I’ve been planning to jump three quadruple in a free program. It didn’t work out, but I will try further. Of course I really enjoyed participating in the Russian Nationals. I’m looking forward to competing at the senior level. In general, I think the season turned out good. I jump quads much more consistent than last season.

After the competition, you confessed that, on the one hand, it was easier for you to compete at your second world championship, but on the other hand, it was more difficult to defend the title. How important was it for you to win for the second time?

– It was important to me, because last year I won, and I already had a world championship medal, but I wanted to do three quads in Zagreb.

In Sofia, you jumped quadruple toe loop and salchow. Why you did not jump salchow this year?

– First, it is difficult to warm up three different quadruples in 6 minutes. It is difficult to warm-up even two quadruple at the warm up. You have to do everything very quickly. Initially, my program was planned with three different quads – lutz, salchow and toe loop, but during the season we decided that we will do only two – toe loop and lutz. Toe loop is easier for me. I can do it even after a rest or a break. I cant restore salchow and lutz so quickly.

At the press conference, you said that you would learn quad loop and triple axel. What for? You already jump three quads?

– I cannot but learn something new. I like the process of learning new jumps, even if I don’t put them into the program, I still want to learn them.

Have you tried these jumps?

– I have never tried quad loop. I tried triple axel, but it didn’t work out.

How have you changed over this year?

– It seems to me, I haven’t changed at all.

Do you feel like a star?
– No.

But what about the attention of the media, fans, interviews, advertising projects?

– I like it, but I don’t consider myself a star. I do what is necessary, that’s all.

At the age of 14 you participate in the promotional campaigns of several companies.

– Yes, “Adidas”.

And milk factory in Ryazan.

– Well, that was dad’s idea. I agreed. Now we have a lot of milk. And it’s cool with “Adidas”. Sportswear, sneakers, which are not yet on sale. Projects are different. It is interesting…

Your fans often call you Brave. How does this fit your character?

– I don’t know. Quadruple jumps are not scary for me, but in life I fear a lot of things. I’m afraid to ride rides. Not all, of course, but I will not ride some of them. I’m also afraid to drive a quad bikes, motorcycles and snowmobiles with my dad. I myself drive a motorcycle and an ATV – it’s not scary. But it’s scary with my dad because he drives very fast.

Since you’ve mentioned dad, he’s a master of sports in judo, sambo and hand-to-hand combat. He understands the sport very well. So is dad’s praise the best?

– The best praise: “You have become like me.” Yes, he is a master of sports in three types of martial arts. And when I got the title master of sports, he waited for this for a very long time, he said “Finally.”

It seems that you are very strong. Does it happen that you are crying?

– Of course, in training when something goes wrong. It irritates when something doesn’t turn out for a long time.

In your group, you do a full run-through of the program every day. If for some skaters this is hard, then for you it’s like to blink?

– We actually have two practices a day. At one practice we skate the whole program, at the other we work on the elements. Before run-through I worry, as well as at competition. Of course, less, but all the same, every time I worry and focus. One day we skate short programs, the other – free.

As a child, you probably read fairy tales. Who is your favorite character?

– Rapunzel. She has long hair, like me. But that’s not only why I like this cartoon. We often watched it with the whole family. I still love cartoons. I have two brothers. I watch cartoons with them.

If you had a golden fish that can make three wishes come true, what would you ask?

– I don’t know. I would ask one thing: that all my family live a very long life. And the rest I will achieve myself.


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