Best dresses from JGP in Riga

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My favorite dresses from ladies short program at JGP in Riga.

Cassandra Perotin (France)


Nice dress for a young lady. A bit of black swan style, but with gloves and bracelets looks more like an evening gown.

Amber Glenn (USA)

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Simple cut but the finishing with rhinestones is amazing! Especially on the back. I also like how deep blue color looks on the ice.

Alisa Fedichkina (Russia)

fedichkinaLight and tender dress with a high waistline was a perfect match to the program and music. Nice and age appropriate choice.

Loena Hendrickx (Belgium)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find good photos of Loena in this dress. So, I added the video to show the dress from different sides.

Love this sleeveless dress with an open back. Look simple but stylish and elegant. It also looks wonderful on her beautiful figure! Great choice.

See also my preview of JGP in Riga





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