NHK Trophy 2018 short review

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In course of time for every skating fan comes a moment when he need to reconsider his relationships with figure skating and decide whether that’s still worth it. All my favorite skaters have finished their careers, so watching skating lost its nerve, drive and fire for me…And such events as GP Helsinki and NHK Trophy don’t make it any easier to bring this fire back! So here’s a short note about NHK.

Honestly, only ladies and Shoma Uno saved NHK. So, briefly about other disciplines.

On such a background even Zabijako – Enbert looked like top of the top…Which they are not. This says a lot about pair’s competitions. Alexa and Chris have it all to be a real top pair, their elements and programs have class, but it all doesn’t matter when you can’t land your jumps(

I can’t pretend any longer, I’m tired of Dubreuil – Lauzon’s, style in ice dance. Now every second pair have a free dance to music from massage salon in ombre nightgowns. It’s boring, so I completely understand the judges who decided to give a push to the British team!They were a breath of fresh air at this event. This pair has a potential to be a medal contender at Europeans in a couple of years.

I don’t know who took all the plush, feathers, laces and other decor in Japan, but I’m so grateful to this person) Because I love the new Shoma‘s look. He looks much elegant and more mature now. And I really like his programs this season. The Moonlight Sonata isn’t something new in figure skating, but it suits him and he feels this music so well and he’s strong enough for it which is very important!

Ladies were amazing! Best competition so far. So many great performances, such a great level and a nerve of intrigue.

I think Japanese audience was happy that Alena Leonova  got GP as a substitute. She’s a joy to watch even if she’s not a medal contender. Entertaining programs, solid and emotional skating. Alena was on fire! It was so nice to see her doing that well.

Eunsoo Lim is an incredible beauty. This girl has a star quality. Her SP is great and I wish her FP was as good, she deserves something more genuine than a cosplay of Mariah Bell. Speaking of Meriah, she was great and on fire too. I like her programs, especially her free program. And she definitely was a best-dress lady at the event. She needs to remember this state and her mindset because it really worked for her. Keep it and you will be secure No2 of US national team.

Mai Mihara is a lovely skater with lovely qualities. She has soft skating skills and good speed, her programs are nice and remind me of Akiko Suzuki, which is obviously a compliment. But she lacks a little bit of chic and this “expensive look”, her overall look is a bit juniorish and it may cost her in PCS.

Probably doing two 3,5 axels and clean programs Elizaveta Tuktamysheva expected to place higher than 3d. But let’s be realistic, her programs aren’t that good and can’t be compared with Satoko’s. Her jumps are excellent, but they really need to think of her content in FP, how to maximize the points, because it may be not enough. But Liza gradually gets a momentum, her marks are growing, she shows consistency and the main thing she got the Finals, that’s what really important now.

Satoko Miyahara  is amazing and I’ve already told that for me her programs are the best in the world this season.She dereves all her PCS, no doubt. But I’m a bit sad about costumes change. I prefer the previous dresses more.

Rika Kihira …that was WOW. Japan is tired of being second…watch out world. But this girl has not only jumps, all the aspects of her skating are good. Yes, she’s a bit juniorish too and also lacks some chic, but it’s really easy to improve and she’s only 16. I think everyone should be nervous)

Oh I really hope that next GP is going to be more exciting in all disciplines.


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4 Responses to “NHK Trophy 2018 short review”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    Agreed! The Ladies competition made staying up all night to watch definitely worth the effort!

  2. Mad for Skating says:

    Great little review! I agree, it isn’t the same with all my favorites gone. I really enjoyed the ladies’ event, especially Rika Kihira and Mariah Bell. Alexa and Chris’s programs are amazing this year and I will continue to close my eyes on the side-by-side jumps and pretend I didn’t see anything. Pairs is usually my favorite discipline but everyone is gone :( Aliona, since you are not coaching the Knierims anymore, can you return to competitive skating? :)
    I love Peng/Jin’s SP. Zabiiako/Enbert’s SP literally made me laugh with the Halloween costumes and funny choreography, but I can tell they’re at least trying. Satoko’s costumes are always beautiful, but I also preferred the first set.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Last two season I thought what a pity that not all pairs can get to the free skate….Now I’m afraid first warm-ups will look scary again(

      • Mad for Skating says:

        I agree so much. Where are all the great pairs this year? We need Savchenko!

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