Ladies’ new programs for 2018-2019 season [short review]

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Suddenly I’ve realized that I’ve been doing many translations and haven’t done any review for a while. So I’m going to use this opportunity and share some thoughts about ladies’ new programs.

Satoko‘s are my absolutely favorite. Especially her short program. It has everything you want from women’s skating. Grace, elegance, musicality, great choreography where every gesture looks close to perfection (I’m sure it will be perfection by the main competitions). Her free program looks a bit like a challenge for her, she already had Spanish program in the short, but tango is still a different thing and free program requires more choreo, more transitions, there is more space to perform. The program doesn’t shine yet (as much as the short) it needs more time for polishing, but no doubts it’s a high-class choreo. Watching Satoko’s programs you understand clearly – top programs from top-choreographer for a top skater. Rare combination when music, choreo and skater’s skating and performing skills are at the same high level of quality. These programs deserve medals of every competition…if only there was no need to jump.

There are two programs that stand out among the rest – Bradie Tennell‘s SP and Wakaba Higuchi‘s SP. First it may seems that the programs are weird but then you realize “No, actually there’s something about these programs”. Something new, fresh and interesting. What I like the most about Bradie’s program is that they didn’t try to make her another Disney princess, who she is definitely not. They chose absolutely new music and gave her choreo that make her disadvantages look like interesting features of choreography. It gives her an opportunity to show her strong sides and at the same time be herself. I wish they did the same for the free program because it looks like a nightmare.

Wakaba’s programs shocked me. But this was a good shock. It just something completely new for figure skating, something that we didn’t expect to see. Many new things at first look weird) But this program has such a huge potential! I really hope that Wakaba will be back in shape and will be able to skate this program at her maximum. Then it’ll be a bomb. What I also liked a lot is that all these new and unusual moves she feels very well and seems comfortable doing this new style. That’s very important. Because this style won’t work out if you don’t feel it and if don’t have this sense of sexuality. Wakaba for sure has it.

Wish I could say the same about Evgenia Medvedeva‘s short program. I know that probably my opinion won’t be popular, but that’s how I see it. I think this style and choreo are not comfortable for her. Her moves don’t look natural and relaxed. I understand that it’s only September and she had to do a lot of work to restore her jumps and probably didn’t have much time to work on choreo. Maybe this easiness and relaxness of moves will come, I hope I’m terribly wrong, but I doubt that. Just because Evgenia by nature is a different type of skater. Such choreo would work great for Osmond, for Daleman, for Wagner…That’s why I wonder was it really that necessary to go in a completely different direction? Especially when you have so many other things to work on. I don’t think Zhenya had some problems with the style, her previous coaching team choose music that suited her, the questions was always in quality. So the only thing David should have done is to give her a top-class packaging. I think he should have taken a nice piece of music in comfortable for Evgenia style, haven’t put there any pantomime and strange sounds, made less transitions and add some memorable choreo moments. That’s all. I think they a bit overestimated their and her abilities and the amount of time they have.

As for the free program, I really hope it’s only a layout….because I don’t want to believe that that’s how Olympic silver medalist and two-time world champion’s fp looks like(


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