Eteri Tutberidze: There’s a factor of fear in quad jumps

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Eteri Tutberidze about quad jumps.

Eteri: There’s a factor of fear in quad jumps. Sasha is fearless. And there is another one in our group (Anna Shcherbakova). We are trying to show that this is a system.

Sasha is a fanatic. I have never had to force her ro work. She herself knows what she needs and goes to the goal. In Sasha’s case, we need to train and pray that health won’t let her down.

After the junior world championship, where Sasha jumped two quadruple jump, they lowered their value. I do not understand how it was possible to lower the value of quadruple jumps. After all, every jump Sasha goes to is a huge, incomparable risk. But in this case, if it is very dangerous, it should cost twice as much. So the person understand, for the sake of what he takes this risk. Otherwise, the won’t be motivation to do difficult jumps. Even in my group there are athletes who understand that in case of mistake you won’t get a lot with such a big risk and they don’t go for it.

I believe that it is very important to learn jumps before physiological changes, because after, girls are just trying to keep what they can.

Today Trusova made history, took a step into the evolution of figure skating, changed the view of people and judges, showed that this is possible. Other girls, looking at her, will understand that this is possible, and will also try these jumps.



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