Ilia Averbukh: Canadian coach should thank Tutberidze for Medvedeva

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Who missed Averbukh? Here some comments after Russian test skates.

What can you say about the test skates in “Megasport”, where Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova performed. Did you feel that there was a cold wall between them?

– To be honest, I’m dodging these questions. These are just sketches of the programs, there is nothing to judge. It’s not competitions, nothing has been finished yet. It makes sense for specialists to look. Test skates are a good idea, they keep in tonus. Although I believe that it’s to early to show half of the work.

Let’s wait the season, the season will be long. It’s clear that Zhenya is in good shape, she has a synergy with the new coach. I am sure that Zagitova will not give up her position either. The main thing are these two Russian girls. God blesses, no one will interfere in this fight.

How? There is Alexandra Trusova.

– Yes, she’s such a talent. Such heights have been already taken – quad jumps! This is a very strong advance. But let’s see what happens next.

Is it tactfully when the Canadian coach Doug Howe, a friend of Orser’s didn’t keep things in the family? He told that after the Olympics Tutberidze and Medvedeva had a loud conflict: “The coach sent Evgeny to have babies after Pyeongchang. She was sure that Medvedeva wouldn’t achieve anything.” – said Howe. “Orser told me about it.”

– We shouldn’t pay attention. No need to focus on it. There is a certain political subtext. Zhenya is a crystal-clear girl, who work hard every day in training. And someone manages his own affairs.

There is a tendency in the world, that everything is authoritarian in Russia, and nobody gives a word to anyone. I choreographed three programs for Zhenya. We consulted, we chose music together, we discussed the nuances a hundred times. Zhenya skated, improvised, shared her opinion. It’s funny when a Canadian says that.

It is more polite to say: “Thank you.” 90% of what the new Medvedeva’s coach uses now came from Russia, from Eteri Tutberidze. Any interview should start with the words: “Thank you, Eteri, for the great girl! I’m happy that I can reveal her talent further!”

It is absolutely a straight ladder, which must exist. There can’t be other way. Otherwise, it’s like you come to another doctor, and he: “Oh, who treated you so?!” Why is this necessary? Just leave Zhenya, Alina and their coaches out of this story.

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