Daria Panenkova: All for the best even if it seems that for the worse

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Interview with Daria Panenkova who recently has left Eteri Tutberidze’s group.

Why she suddenly had to leave Eteri Tutberidze and who is her coach now, Panenkova promised to tell right after the test skates, which will be held September 9 in Moscow, but she told about new programs.

– At the test skates I will show the programs we did with the new coach, specialists from the Federation of figure skating haven’t seen them yet. The short program is “Skyfall” by Adele, it was offered by the coach and the free program is “You’re not from here” by Lara Fabian, it was my idea. For a long time I’ve wanted to make a program to this singer and finally my dream came true! There was no option to keep the programs from the previous coach.

This is such a loss in time. Didn’t you panic?

– I didn’t worry at all, I love new programs.

It seems that you’re a good friends with Alina Zagitova.

– Yes. We met when we just joined the group of Eteri Georgievna and it was clear from the beginning that we understand each other mouthful. I like to communicate with her very much, Alina will always support, cheer me up. Or we can be sad together. In general, she is a good person.

It’s not easy to compete with your friends and in the upcoming season already at the November Grand Prix in Helsinki you will have such situation. Can you imagine how this will be? Won’t you discuss competitions or vice versa?

– We discuss competitions with Alina, but as soon as we come to the tournament, we talk very little. Each prepares for the performance in her own way. We can talk after. I think everything will be as before, however, we’ll see.

I wonder when people train in the same group, but in competitions they fight for the pedestal and places in the national team, can someone come and kindly say: “Listen, you are doing this a little wrong, you need to do like this. .. “?

– Of course! Alina and Zhenya Medvedeva, and Sasha Trusova explained me how to make an element correctly or beautifully. I remember, Sasha leaving the ice said to me this phrase: “Dasha, never regret what you did.” Because then I thought after the runthrough: “Damn, why did I make an extra element and tired much more?” But after her words I never said it again and always do more than necessary.

It seems that Trusova is just an alien with all her quadruple jumps. When she landed them right next to you, what thoughts came to mind?

– None. In training, I always concentrate only on my elements. But when Sasha performed them, I asked myself: “How does she do it?” But then we got used to it.

Have you tried to learn quads?

– I tried the quadruple salchow 2-3 years ago, but I don’t rotate quickly and the height is small for a quadruple. At the end of last season I often landed it cleanly, but this season I haven’t even tried it yet. What did I work on during the off-season? I think that I improved my skating skills. Let’s see what specialists will say.

The jumps in the second half of the programs were one of your advantages. Were you angry when they made changes to the rules and now only last three jumps have increased value?

– Yes, I was a little upset. But all the changes for the better (smiling).

When you look at Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva you are amazed how small they are. From the back it seems that they’re no older than 14. You look like an ordinary 15 years old girl. Is it harder for you to jump because of this? Did you have that scary moment for the skaters when the body is like not yours?

– I have already noticed last season that it’s very hard to get in shape. I have been trying to collect jumps for a long time. This season it’s even more difficult and I’m very worried about it. But I hope that it will pass soon. I always say to myself: everything will be as it should be, all for the best even if it seems that for the worse.

There are mothers behind many successful figure skaters.

– My mother takes me to the rink, watches my nutrition, sometimes she has to force me. She also calms me if something doesn’t work out, gives the necessary advice and does a lot of things for me. I can only say “Thank you” for patience and doing everything to make me happy.

Are you very tired after training? Do you have enough strength for anything else or just to lie in silence, as Medvedeva described her weekend?

– Very, because I try to give everything in training. But in the evening I go for walks with friends, so not to stay at home. However, I don’t show that I’m tired, it’s not interesting for anyone. On the weekend I always walk because if I sit at home all day, my legs will be sluggish during training.

Getting back to the start of the next season, for what result will you give yourself “A”?

– I will try to skate clean and show everything I can. I will never give “A” for, I’ will always find what to criticize.

by Ekaterina Bespalova for sport-express.ru


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